#RPGaDay2015 Catch Up Post, Days 1 to 7

Looks like I’m behind on some of the other things in the RPG world, like the fun #RPGaDay2015 list from Autocratik! To those unfamiliar with the practice, it’s all about answering a series of questions relating to RPGS. The list of questions can be seen in the graphic found HERE

As you can see it’s a pretty hefty list, with a question a day for the rest of the month. In this post I’ll be answering Questions 1 to 7

Day 1: Forthcoming game you’re most looking forward to

Wow, way to start with the difficult ones. We’re living in a golden age of RPGs again, and there’s a ton of games that are in the works that I would love to see. But perhaps the one that I’m itching to check out the most would be the upcoming Conan RPG from Modiphius. I’m a big fan of Robert E. Howard and I’ve always wondered what a modern Conan RPG would look like.

Day 2: Kickstarted game you’re most pleased to have backed

Of the games I’ve kickstarted, I’ve been happiest with Tianxia: Blood, Silk and Jade from Vigilance Press. I’m a sucker for Wuxia fiction, so seeing a new Wuxia game running with the supremely popular FATE engine is an instant pledge for me. Jack Norris clearly loves his Wuxia and I’m eager to see the rest of the books of this line. Now if I can only get FATE through my skull.

Day 3: Favorite NEW game of the last 12 months

Hmm… this would probably be Numenera by Monte Cook Games. It delivers on all it’s promises and I’ve grown a bit spoiled by how it shifted rolling to the players to keep my mind fully dedicated to crafting the story. It can’t do everything, but if you align what you’re trying with what it can do, the experience is flawless.

Day 4: Most surprising game

I’m not entirely sure how to answer this one. Perhaps I’m most surprised by the announcement of Vampire: the Masquerade’s 4th edition? I didn’t expect it, but it certainly made sense after I sat down and thought about it a bit. Looking forward to seeing what the Onyx Path team will do with it.

Day 5: Most recent RPG purchase

That would have to be TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana, which I picked up on PDF format during the festivities of GenCon. I’ve posted my first impressions of the book on the blog as well, so please check that out if you’re thinking about buying it.

Day 6: Most Recent RPG Played

Given my slower gaming schedule the last thing I ran was a one-shot of Numenera set in the world of Steven Universe. I had a walk-in player who soloed the session as Amethyst. It was awesome, you just had to be there.

Day 7: Favorite Free RPG

Am I allowed to peddle my own stuff here? If so please, please, please check out BADASS! If you thoroughly enjoyed Kung Fury, then you’ll love BADASS.

I think I’ll try to do this every week rather than spamming people with my answers. What do you guys think? Did you like the games I’ve tried? Am I missing out on some awesome stuff? Let me know!

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