BADASS continues to kick logic in the face around the world, and I am honestly in awe.

As of this writing, Stargazer has informed me that BADASS has accumulated 740 (Edit: now 1,300+) downloads so far in just a little over two days, and already people are starting to chime in with how they feel:

To help support this game further, Stargazer and I have opened an Official BADASS Forum over in the RPG Table Talk Forum.  There’s not much there yet, but if you’ve downloaded the game and want to share your BADASSery, come on over and tell us about it!

One last bit of amazing news is that BADASS also got promoted as DriveThruRPG’s Free RPG of the Week

I’m overwhelmed with all this attention, and I’m looking forward to putting out more stuff for BADASS.  Being my first real effort to bring out a complete game to the public, I’m very grateful for this response.

EDIT: For those looking for the Character sheet, you can grab it HERE

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    • Hi Bob!

      Apologies for taking so long to answer these. I hope you have fun with BADASS!

      Running on Fumes

      Q: A Badass restores only 1d3 Badass Points when performing any of the following. You may use each one once per fight as a Free Acton on your turn:

      A: Yes, that is correct.

      Range, Distances and Movement

      Q: Does effectively mean without penalty?

      Also the way penalties work from the way I read it: if my badass is using a pistol he would take no penalty to his roll from melee, short, and medium range. From long it would be a -2 and extreme it would be a -3.

      A: Actually, my intent was to put a cap on just how far a weapon could be used. Pistols had a maximum effective range of Medium. Beyond that it was not possible to use the weapon with any chance to hit.

      I understand how you could have read it that way, though, and I admit that re-reading it now that I could have written that more clearly.


      The rule as states that “For every 4 points he scores over the Prey’s rolls, he gets to close in by another range increment.”

      Shouldn’t the distance be reduced by 2?

      A: Hmm… again vague writing on my part. I was gunning for the Predator (or Prey) to be able to reduce or increase the distance between them for every increment of 4. So rolling 1-4 over the other would modify the distance by 1, 5-8 would be modify the distance by 2, etc.

      Bring on the Flava
      As shown the benefits of awesomeness are cumulative. But what about developing contacts for 20 awesomeness?

      A: Badasses should also get additional contacts for every 20 Awesomeness they accumulate, sort of a cult of personality, if you will.


      Is there a limit on flavas a villain can have?

      A: Nope. I’m assuming that GMs will build according to concept, but if you need actual guidelines, I’d give early villains about 2 Flavas, and really powerful ones up to 5-6 flavas.

  1. Whoa quick response thanks a lot!

    Like I said those were from a while ago I’m refamiliarizing myself with the rules as I finally am getting a chance to GM. Hopefully I won’t have any more questions.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Bob,

      Here you go:

      Attack Examples:

      John Matrix
      Attacking a Target at Medium Range with a Handgun

      Attacking a Target at Extreme Range with a Sniper Rifle

      A: This seems about right, if you want though, you could give the Sniper rifle a +3 bonus just because of the scope. I’d drop the bonus to +1 for Melee and Short ranges just to simulate that it’s not usually practical to use a scope when your target is up close.

      Possible Target Values
      Nigh Impossible…17

      Do these seem fair?

      A: I think this is pretty good. Boxcars are an automatic success after all, and the expenditure of a BP is enough to raise the average roll to about 11 before bonuses.

      As written you can use only 1 of the listed options to regain BP during a session. How long do you envision a game session lasting?

      A: I figure that a standard session would be about 2-3 hours long, with Action and Downtime scenes alternating. My experience has been closer to Action, Downtime, Action, with players ending up running on fumes by the last Action scene.

      Could you expand a bit on contacts or give an example? Also a sample Villain if possible.

      A: Contacts are essentially NPCs resources that can help out a Badass in performing non-Badass actions. A Badass might lose BP for spending the day researching in the Library, but his contact, The Hot Librarian Chick, will be able to do that for him. Likewise, a Badass might not relish the idea of being arrested, but having the Buddy Cop Contact owe him one might get him out of jail this time.

      As for sample villains, theres the Raptor in the Chase mechanics example. Villains are built almost exactly the same as Badasses save for having more BP (5 plus 1 for every Badass in the team) and access to the Villain Flavas.

  2. Since the examples I provided and your example of +3 for the snipers rifle effectively cancel the range penalty should the line be removed?

    pg 22 paragraph 3
    While they suffer from range penalties (see the Ranges, Distances and Movement subsection under Combat,) the fact that you can kill a man from a distance more than makes up for it.

    Although writing this now I think it should probably say something like:
    “The benefit of range is balanced by the fact that combat usually doesn’t stay at such distances for long.”

    The rules as written should support a 4.5 hour session without change?
    Maybe starting BP for longer sessions should be higher?

    • Hi Bob,

      Well, the range penalty rules can remain. Just that some weapons have ways to get around these penalties.

      The RAW supports something around 2 hours or so, if you want to have the sessions last longer, you can have them start with double the starting BP, or allow them to re-use options for Downtime BP restoration and Running on Fumes.

  3. Back again with a few more questions.

    In a 2 hour session how many downtimes should be planned?

    What ratio would you advise for Badass to opposition?

    Thanks again.

    • I’m thinking that for 2 hours, that’ll be enough for a single downtime between two action scenes. So Action-Downtime-Action

      Badasses are tough, so if you’re sending mooks, 4 or so mooks against a single Badass should be a fair fight

  4. Badass and Villians should be a 1 for 1 ratio?

    I’m going to be running 3 Badasses this session.

    Thanks again.

    • 1:1 ratio for Badass to Villain works well for me, but given that you can throw in some mooks, maybe even a 2 Villains and a bunch of thugs will also work against 3 Badasses.

      Good luck with your game!

  5. Couple more q’s.

    Anything special for boxcars on defense?
    How is an unconscious average joe revived when there is no doctor?

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Bob!

      Rolling Boxcars on defense means you ignore the attack, unless the attack roll also comes up as Boxcars, in which case I suggest that the players settle it with an arm-wrestling match or a staring contest if there’s a severe disparity in the way both players are built.

      Average Joes who are unconscious recover 1BP at the end of a combat scene if they’re still alive. An Average Joe may also opt to recover BP through a Downtime Action such as a Flashback or a Moment of Personal Affirmation. In this option, the Badass relives a potent memory in his past, giving him the will to get up and keep fighting even when he’s already down. This is regarded as his use of a Downtime Action, and he may no longer take a Downtime Action in his next Downtime Scene.

  6. Well that went well.

    Just got back in from a resoundingly fun time. My players and I really liked the game and a lot of fun was had by all. It was particularly fun to run through what little I had pre-planned and see them come up with ways to ramp it up to epic levels of Badassedness.

    I plan clean up my notes and detail a bit about the setting I used, the genesis series Streets of Rage.

    So thanks again for a great game and for answering all my questions.

    • Hi bob!

      Glad to hear that you guys had a great time! When you’re done putting together your notes, maybe you could give me a quick rundown of what happened in your game? This kind of feedback really useful for me.

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