GM for Hire

I’m hiring out my services as a GM for face-to-face tabletop RPGs. I have 20 years of GMing experience, published my own RPG book, and am a contributor to several RPG games. In addition, I have been blogging GMing advice and RPG reviews on this blog for the past 10 years.

How does this work?

I’ll be offering 2 options:

Public Games – I’ll be posting games that I’m willing to run along with a respective pitch for them on my social media account. If you want in, just simply confirm that you’d like to join.


  • Php 300 / person or Php 250 once we hit at least 4 players.

Custom Campaigns – For those who have a particular game they’d like me to run as a campaign, PM me the particulars and we can discuss the details like venue and schedule.


  • Php 1,000 one-time campaign set up fee (Discounted to Php 700 if books will be care of the client)
  • Php 300 per player, or Php 250 if the group is at least 4 players
  • Php 300 transportation and food allowance per session

What can you run?

I’ve got a working knowledge of a lot of games. But my style tends to veer towards the Horror, Urban Fantasy, Supers and Space Opera genres. I’ll be showcasing my wide knowledge of game systems through the Public Games, but if you’ve got a particular game in mind, just ask. I can take the time to learn to run it.

Of course, this offer is currently limited to Makati City, Philippines.