Hey everyone! Out of a dare, I’m not putting together a one-shot or an RPG session set in the world of Blizzard Entertainment’s new IP: Overwatch.

As to be expected form Blizzard, the lore and backstory of Overwatch is fully realized, and this opens up quite the opportunity to run games in it from a Tabletop RPG perspective. Given the fact that Overwatch’s characters range from soldiers, to scientists to oddities, it seems that a Superhero or Generic RPG would be a good choice.

Seeing that I’m working on this as just a one-shot, I’ve opted to use the excellent OVA: the Anime Roleplaying Game from Wise Turtle Publishing. It’s a neat game with simple enough mechanics, but have options broad enough to pull off all of the game’s characters. Today I’ve put together a character sheet for Overwatch’s “mascot” character, Tracer.

Code Name: Tracer
Real Name: Lena Oxton
Age: 26
Nationality: English
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: London, England
Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)

Agile +2
Attack +3
– Pulse Pistols (Ranged: +0)
– Pulse Bomb (AoE +10, Ammo: 1 Shot -15)
Evasive +3
Teleport +3 (Self-Only)
Pilot +2
Quick +3

Bizarre Appearance +1 (Chronal Accelerator Harness)
Code of Conduct +2 (Overwatch Mission / Vision)
Focus +3: Chronal Accelerator Harness
Focus +2: Weapon Pulse Pistols
Overconfident +1
Rival: Widowmaker +2
Wanted +2 (Talon)

Health 40
Endurance 40

If you’re curious to check out the system behind it, OVA is available in PDF from DriveThruRPG for only $15.00

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Hey there, welcome back to the next installment of the Let’s Study series of the deeply disturbing Beast: the Primordial RPG. I admit that this is probably the one game that has really pinned down the concept that you’re playing a monster really well, and part of that is in the Hungers.

We talked about Hungers previously, but we’ll be taking a look at two of them in further detail today.

TYRANTS: Hunger for Power

Those who associate themselves with this Hunger crave power, and feed off the act of beating someone and proving their own superiority.

These Beasts are the vainglorious, whose only purpose is to crush their victims to the point where the victim acknowledges their inferiority to the Beast. It’s an ugly hunger, and one that could be sated somewhat with anything from beating someone up until they beg for their lives, to tormenting someone with humiliation on a daily basis to reinforce the Beast’s status in the totem pole of school or work.

The Lesson that such monsters teach is there is always something bigger, meaner and stronger than you. It forces victims to accept their limits, and to work within them (or to push against such limits as the case may be.)

COLLECTORS: Hunger for the Hoard

Beasts that associate themselves with this Hunger crave for material objects, specifically the ones that mankind places importance upon.

As living, breathing manifestations of Greed, the Collector looks for and takes away things that are of great worth to their victims. These can be anything from jewels and gold, to rare books, and even prized odds and ends. What matter is that that the item will be sorely missed. What satisfies them is knowing that their victims will be placed under great duress by this loss, and will struggle in vain to try and get it back.

The Lesson of the Collector is that nothing lasts forever. Objects, relationships, memories, everything can be taken away.

As I noted in my last post, I can sort of see where the Hungers are going. The beasts are the bullies in the playground of life to force the other kids to learn the harsh lessons that they need to know to get along in the world.

Beasts go out and deliberately cause suffering as a means of feeding themselves, then come up with an after-the-fact explanation to try and justify their behavior. It’s definitely disturbing and I’m seeing how a Beast can make for an interesting non-sympathetic villain for a Mage: the Awakening campaign.

Interested in checking out Beast: the Primordial? You can grab a PDF for only $19.99 over at DriveThruRPG!

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As mentioned before, the other half of your Beast character concept is that of their Hungers. If their Family dictates a Beast’s form, then the Hunger dictates the kind of fear they prefer to draw out from their victims.

Each of the five Hungers are meant to teach a kind of Lesson to the rest of humanity. There’s no nice way of putting this, but the Beasts justify their actions by saying that it teaches humanity to better themselves.

It’s a vicious means of teaching, and there are few teachers less harsh than the Beasts, who view Humanity as a while as their students, rather than one or two individuals. More often than not they prey upon people to teach a community a lesson.

In some ways this is probably my biggest problem with Beast. I understand the justification for them doing what they do, that they’re victims of their nature, but it doesn’t compel me to sympathize with them.

There’s a bit of “victims of abuse grow up to be abusers” in this that leaves me somewhat bothered, and in submitting to the Horror and the Devouring, you’re essentially someone who gave in, gave up and surrendered to being someone less than what they could have been.

It’s an ugly state of being. THEN you’re mandated to be  a force of even more terror and abuse in the rest of the world because “you can’t help it.”

There’s a lot of parallels to abusive behavior I’m seeing here and that definitely makes me uncomfortable.

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The Ugallu are the nightmares of exposure. They’re the primal terror of being caught without your defenses, without the comforts of tools or shelter to keep you safe.


The Ugallu are snatchers, they come down and take away what is dear. Life, food, resources. They’re a reminder that nothing is truly ever safe from a superior predator, and only constant vigilance will give you a fighting chance.


Ugallu lairs strip a victim of their capaibilities, leaving them helpless and exposed and vulnerable. There is no shelter from the Ugallu.


An Ugallu can uncover the hidden with a glance. Nothing can escape their sight, and when other creatures attempt their own powers to stymie the Ugallu, then they enter a clash of wills.


The Ugallu are interesting to me because they have a stronger sense of what they do with themselves than say, the Namtaru. In some ways, I like the Ugallu as a reminder of what a person truly needs. When stripped of their luxuries, a person learns to appreciate what is truly important… even if it is only for the last few moments of their lives.

Interested in checking out Beast: the Primordial? You can grab a PDF for only $19.99 over at DriveThruRPG!

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These are the Beasts that embody the nightmares of Revulsion. They are the fear of the ugly and misshapen. Hideous beasts that are a mockery of human features.


The Namtaru represent the things that truly unsettle us. From body horror to the fear of swarms of insects, they drive away rational thought and replace it with sheer terror.


Namtaru Lairs are those that make it impossible to rest. They cause injuries and expose victims to situations that force them into more and more stress.


The Namtaru’s revolting nature allows them to force someone’s Composure to drop by 1 for a scene with eye contact.


The Namtaru are your ugly monster stereotype. In some ways they’re the easiest to map out, but their nature is anything but simple. In many ways the Namtaru are probably the easiest to play among the others, and they are perhaps the most benign, as compared to the Anakim.

Interested in checking out Beast: the Primordial? You can grab a PDF for only $19.99 over at DriveThruRPG!