Fight Class: Progress Report

Hey guys, To those who remember, I was hoping to get Fight Class out by this year. That said, things have happened that have managed to significantly slow (and in some cases) halt progress on the game. There’s still quite a bit of rework to be done on the rules, and I’m setting up another […]

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[Fight Class] More Artwork!

Fight Class manuscript is still undergoing review, but just to show a little more progress on this project, here’s a sketch of some students from another artist I was able to commission for this project, Gerry de los Reyes. Her Legend of Korra-inspired art style seems to fit very well with regards to the look […]

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[Fight Class] Finding Artwork

Just a bit of news for those waiting for anything regarding Fight Class. With writing (and editing) underway, I’ve been fortunate to be able to get in touch with a few more artists that will be lending their talents to the book. I’m saving my full release and announcement of the work once we’ve had […]

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