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Fellow Philippine Blogger Nosfecatu has been working on putting together D&D 5e compatible write ups for Philippine Myth Inspired monsters on his blog! His first entry is a strong start, talking about Magwayen, the Ferrywoman of the Dead.

Aubrey Miles as Magwayen, from GMA TV Network’s “Amaya”

I feel that it’s a great addition to any Fantasy RPG to throw your players off from the usual fantasy tropes and into something different for a change. After all, in twisting things you get to revive the sense of wonder of your setting.

Head on over to Nosfecatu and check it out!


Hey everyone. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done an Actual Play report thread, but given that we’re doing a test drive of the newly released Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, I figured I might as well start again just to get back into form.

Finder’s Keepers is very different from my usual campaigns in the sense that I really didn’t come up with a pitch for this. It was one of those games where the players jumped in with both feet to make characters, and I’m left to come up with a plot from what comes out of this process.

Thankfully the 5e character creation, with it’s Background traits makes it very easy to build adventures around the hooks in every character. I took one look at the characters I got, and I already knew what to push.

Let’s have a quick look over our characters:

Princess Allyna Cormyth (played by Silver Countess) is an impulsive 16-year old half-elven sorceress born into a respectable royal family of elves. Her mother was the second wife of the patriarch, and was a former adventuress in her own right.

When a mysterious masked man beguiled his way into one of the royal family’s parties and magically coerced her father into wagering away a precious family heirloom, Aleena set off that very same night to track down the charlatan and retrieve the artifact. She didn’t bother telling anyone in person, of course, as that would just give the fiend an even bigger head start, so she figured that a note left on her bedside table would suffice.

Vinran Thorngage (played by Hikkikomori) is an optimistic, if imposing looking halfling druid. His swarthy and muscular form betrayed his former life as a sailor and now dedicates his life to the pursuit of travel in hopes of safeguarding the balance between civilization and nature. Along the way he’s also picked up a peculiar habit of taking souveniers of his journeys, often without asking permission from the original owner.

Akta (played by Hystrix) is a Tiefling bard with a chip on her shoulder. An aspiring performer with a deep and abiding love for drink, her work is often a scathing rebuke against the follies of those in power, making her quite the rabble-rouser in many cities. Aside from looking for fame in all the wrong places, she also wants to retrieve her lute, which had been stolen from her by a rival.

As you can tell, theft seems to be a common thread for the team, so I figure I can pull on more than a few strings to get them involved one way or another.

And so with that let’s get started, shall we?


Hot on the heels of the fighter is the new Dwarven Cleric from the D&D Starter Set. Let me repost the images here for your perusal:

cleric1 cleric2


I hope you’ll excuse the large images, but I wanted it to still be somewhat readable. Clicking it should reveal the real full-sized version of the files.

Most of my feedback from the Fighter are still valid here, though there is a slight increase in complexity due to this being a spellcasting class. I’m glad that the presentation of this pregenerated character is still quite friendly to new players. The Race and Class Features and Traits were interesting to check out this time, and I was  happy to see stuff like “Mercenary Sergeant” in the game, which grants access to certain social advantages.

Overall if this is the kind of complexity to expect in a starting spellcasting class then we should be on the right track. I expect that the PHB will introduce a boatload of options to the game, but honestly I find myself very happy with the Basic D&D rules so far.



The people behind the latest iteration of D&D just released a teaser in the form of the Starter Set’s pregenerated Fighter character sheet. I’ve uploaded it below for your reference:

Starter Set Fighter (1)

The resolution of the actual file isn’t superb, but there’s enough to go on if you squint at it long enough. That said I’m pretty happy with what I’m seeing here.

Overall, the character sheet looks well organized, with little touches in terms of usability. The slot for Passive Perception DC is neat, and I do like the little tracker for Death Saves.

But perhaps the most interesting for me here is the part about Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws. These are the things that help define a character and help the player anchor their actions in terms of what a character would do, rather than look at them as just a collection of scores.

I’m not sure if the Background section on the second page is just for the Starter Set, but I have to say that it’s refreshing to find more information like this, that goes beyond the “You’re a sell sword, and here’s a job. Go get ‘im.” that I’m used to seeing.

I was happy with the Advantage / Disadvantage mechanic in the playtest, so I’m happy to see that they’ve retained it. Overall, it certainly feels that D&D is headed towards the right direction to me.

D&D Returns!

Posted: May 20, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Dungeons & Dragons, Roleplaying Games

Tyranny of Dragons - Campaign Art - Tiamat

Big news to wake up to this morning. Looks like details of the upcoming latest edition of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG has hit Amazon, and the intrepid people from ENworld are all over it. Check it out over at this link.

Overall I’m excited about the new edition… and not because I didn’t like 4E, or 3E, or any other edition to be honest. I’ve written my thoughts on the whole Edition Wars thing before, and I believe that each edition is built to address the needs of a changing audience. Some people might not like playing certain editions, and that’s perfectly okay.

I’m saving up money for all sorts of reasons right now, but I’m definitely earmarking some funds for at least the big 3 books for this edition of D&D.