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12 Campaigns of Christmas #12 Adventuring Academy

Adventuring! The great equalizer! Where anyone, from a beggar to a prince could gain riches, fame and glory by plumbing the depths of the countless dungeons that existed in the various kingdoms.

Aware of this fact, an enterprising Gnome Illusionist founded the first Adventuring Academy! Open to students of all socio-economic classes, the Adventuring Academy taught students all the necessary skills to survive and thrive in a dungeon, all for a percentage of all wealth discovered, and first purchase priority of all magical items found therein.

The player characters play the role of young teens that study in the Adventuring Academy, delving dungeons for course credits, fame and fortune armed only with their wits, My First Adventure Kits ™ and the third, revised edition of “Dungeon Delving, Survival and You” by Harrison and Harrison.

Here’s something that will work for D&D and for just about any of the traditional fantasy rpgs. This opens up possibilities for all sorts of interesting hooks from childish shenanigans to interesting coming of age stories.

12 Campaigns of Christmas #11 Red Planet Outlaws

When you guys delivered the Ghost Rock to the doc, he never said anything about leaving you all stranded on Mars with tele-portation doo-hickey he’d cooked up as thanks.

Things are weird here, but you and your crew ain’t quitters. So in a world full of green and red aliens, a shocking lack of decent clothing, and bizarre gizmos and weapons, it’s time for you and your posse to start kicking butt and taking names.

You’ve got a whole new planet as your frontier, after all.

Essentially Deadlands! Reloaded set in Mars, this little bit of Genre Bending draws a lot of inspiration from John Carter, except rather than just having one person, let’s send an entire dirty posse of Player Characters to make their way through the red planet, carving out a place in their new home.

12 Campaigns of Christmas #10 Void Chosen

What had begun as a fun trip to the countryside to see your Grandmother and participate in a local festival has taken a strange twist, when a Celestial Dragon made of the Void with stars as eyes manifested from the night sky.

You remember fainting in shock and horror, but nothing could have prepared you for what happened next.

You awoke in the middle of an ancient-looking Rokugani palace, surrounded by people dressed in Emerald Empire Era clothing.

“Are you certain of this?” One of them spoke, the important looking one in robes of gold.

“I… I can only say that the Void calls what it must.” the other, dressed in crimson robes replied, hesitantly.

“Then we must do what we can with the champions chosen by the Void.” the man in gold said, “For only they can save us from Fu Leng, now.”

Time travel, ancient Rokugan, teenagers who grew up in an age of apathy, cellphones and pop culture. Modern day sensibilities and common sense vs. ancient Rokugani culture. Teenage spunk and courage vs. an evil God.

12 Campaigns of Christmas #9 Her Last Command

Here’s a quick one for Dark Heresy (just in time for the new edition!)

Avenge me.

Those were the last words of the Inquisitor, the one woman responsible for your current employment as part of the Inquisition’s Ordo Hereticus, those charged with finding the threats that lurk within the Imperium of Man.

Ordinarily, your band would be disovled by her higher-ups, and you would all be reassigned to other duties, perhaps among other Inquisitors, or even in the Imperial Guard.

But those last words haunt you.

Whoever murdered the Inquisitor knew what she was investigating, and to simply disband was unthinkable.

Someone has to bring her killer to justice. She gave her last command. You intend to follow it to the letter.

Without an Inquisitor, any form of investigation would be a breach of conduct that could very well mean your execution if you were caught. Navigating the byzantine nature of the Imperium’s power structures while hunting down her killer would be a monumental task, but you were all chosen for your specialties to ferret out even, even if it hid within the beating heart of the Imperium.

12 Campaigns of Christmas #8 Indulge Me

Here’s one for Demon: the Descent. The player characters are a Ring of Demons who have come to the city on hearing rumors of the existence of a particularly powerful artifact of the God-Machine. Nobody is certain of what it looks like, or how it functions, but everyone knows what it is: A “Get Out of Hell, Free” card, a back-door into the God-Machine without being disassembled or destroyed in the process.

No strings, just an instant ticket for reunification with the God-Machine. Needless to say this has gotten Demons of all Agendas and Agencies looking into it. If they’re lucky, it’s only a rumor. However, if it’s not, it could be a very powerful weapon.

The Integrators are the most obvious Demons to be looking for it, but the Saboteurs think that if they get their hands on it, they can fashion it into a weapon. The inquisitors want to make sure that they know who has it, and the Guardians want to make sure that the status quo remains.

Is it a ploy by the Angels to draw the Demons in, or is it a real loophole that the Demons could use to change the God-Machine forever?

12 Campaigns of Christmas #7 Manila Ascendant

The Philippines is in dire need of destiny. Its original culture erased by conquest, rewritten thrice over by various other countries before finally clawing its way to some semblance of independence.

With a patchwork destiny the country struggles forward, worshipping ancient spirits, foreign religions and corporate greed in hopes of fulfilling a spiritual hole left behind by a lack of true identity, a zombie of a nation with a sucking chest wound where its heart should be.

It is little wonder then that the willworkers of the Philippines are caught up in a struggle to make it theirs. Taking place in the capital of Manila, the local mages of the Traditions struggle to rediscover the old ways and reinforce the flagging faith of the masses. Meanwhile the Technocracy is furthering their agenda of control, utilizing corporate resources, mind-numbing entertainment media and the country’s crippling poverty as a means to bury the past forever.

This campaign takes Manila and makes it one of the few places where the Ascension War still continues with unabated fervor. Both sides know that the country is still ripe for the taking, and will do anything to win the conflict.

12 Campaigns of Christmas #6 Cyberpunk Rokugan

I’m waaaay late on this series, but hey, Happy New Year! I still intend to finish all 12 though, however late it is :p

Rokugan is a very different place in the cyberpunk future. Each of the Clans is now a Zaibatsu, a mega-conglomerate of related corporations tied together by bloodlines reaching back to the days of the Samurai.

The spirit-forges tended by Shugenja craft magitech nemuranai, assisted by the newly-discovered Data Kami, Elemental Spirits of information.

However different their means, some things stay the same. Scorpion infiltrators sneak into corporate headquarters for missions sabotage, corporate espionage or outright assassination. The Crab Clan’s Kaiu follow the example of their Hero, Yakamo, and focus their arts on creating ornate Cybernetic prosthetic nemuranai to augment their defense forces.

While the Great Clans struggle against one another, an ancient evil is reborn. Taking the form of the charismatic Spider Clan CEO, Daigotsu, Fu Leng’s corruption spreads through tainted technologies and radiation from the Spider’s Industrial Complex, spawning techno-magical horrors that have never been seen before in the Empire.

Perhaps dressing up Rokugan is turning into a hobby for me, but the idea of a cyberpunk setting for it is always fun to think about.

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