Fight Class

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Class is in session!

Fight Class is the tabletop roleplaying game of over-the-top anime action and high school domination! Players take on the role of super powered High School Students fighting in an endless battle against the students of the various other schools of the city to be number one!

Focused on being fast, fun and easy, Fight Class features a flexible custom powers design system let you make any student you can think of, from the varsity-league boxer with explosive rapid-fire punches, the robotics club geek with power armor, or the high-school ninja with smoke bombs and shuriken!

Fight Class doesn’t stop at just the fisticuffs. The conflict mechanics can handle anything from Martial Arts-themed Cooking Duels to Acrobatic Dance Battles and Stylish Fashion Walk-Offs!

Players also chart the course of city-wide domination with the District Conquest rules, where they plot out their moves to get other schools to surrender while fending off rivals who seek to crush your ambitions!

7 thoughts on “Fight Class

  1. Wow this sounds awesome, ive been thinking of trying to run an adversarial rpg, this sounds almost perfect for what im looking for.

    1. Hi Bob!

      I’ll take this time to thank you for the occasional check in on the progress of Fight Class. After what happened last Dec. and Jan. I had to put this project on the back burner. That said there’s still some progress happening from the art side of things.

      Here’s what the cover study looks like so far, each of the portraits has an accompanying full-body image of the character that will also be found inside the book

      Fight Class Cover WIP

  2. Very nice, I figured it was on the back burner but i’m glad it will happen down the line.

    I really need to work on my patience, but when something so promising is in front of me I want it ASAP.

    With all that has happened take all the time you need, just try and throw me a bone every once in a while so I don’t go crazy.

  3. I hope this game hasn’t been abandoned, it sounds amazing and a lot of fun. I’ve been watching a couple of school battle anime, and I’m always inspired to try something like that.

    Are you looking for alpha/beta playtesters? I’d be thrilled to GM this.

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