Oh Hey! A New Blog Theme!

Not RPG related, but I figure I might as well spruce things up a bit by changing my blog theme.  Don’t worry all the links still work and I’m still blogging as usual.

There might be a few changes to the way I post though, with more Actual Play Reports and more frequent Reviews of various RPG products in addition to my usual GM theory and playstyle discussion.

On Hiatus for the Week.

Hey guys,

I’ll be taking a short break from posting regularly from today until Friday.  Things have been sorta strange here lately, what with Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) submerging Metro Manila in raging 20 foot flood water… and a second one on the way.

That said, I should consider myself lucky to have taken a leave from work for a week even before the storm hit.  I didn’t expect Ketsana to leave the kind of mess it did, and was looking forward to a relaxing week off with time to read up on my PDFs, and plan for my games.  Now things are quiet, and there’s a nervous silence over the city.  Stores are running out of food stock, traffic hasn’t sorted itself out, and several areas in the metro are still flooded.

You can imagine how difficult it is to try and write something cheery and escapist at the moment.

That said, I’m not quite abandoning the blog completely, and will see if I can post something during the week… I’m just setting expectations, just in case people wonder where I might have gone off to.

Wishful Thinking: If I had been in GenCon

Being in the Philippines has its merits.  Beaches that I never go to, warm weather that I hide from, and Typhoons that reduce the country to the dark ages every year.  But even all that excitement isn’t enough… because halfway around the world, they have Gencon.

Conventions are things of wonder for me, especially given that that roleplaying and tabletop hobby scene in this country still hasn’t managed to get something of that size.  Sure there are groups dedicated to RPGs and Tabletop games, and they’ve got monthly gaming meets for players to touch bases… but community is one thing, while the Industry is another.

That said, it is simply not feasible for most of the hobby companies to establish a presence here, in a third world country.  That’s why PDFs are the way to go here.  No need to pay double the cost of the book worth of shipping and taxes and bribes to the post office workers just to get your merchandise.

That said, Gencon seemed to have a whole lot of things that piqued my interest.  Among those that I’ve heard of, I am definitely interested in seeing:

  • Eclipse Phase
  • HERO System, 6th Edition
  • Fantasy Craft
  • Pathfinder
  • Geist: the Sin-Eaters
  • Dice! (Polyhedral sets are as rare as gold here.  Which makes pushing the hobby that much more difficult)
  • Miniatures! (Anything that isn’t Games-Workshop and Warmachine is non-existent and paint prices are atrocious)

Still, given that the con’s now over, I just have to wait and figure out the rest of this years expenses… HERO 6th’s PDFs are calling to me with a siren song that just might break me.

Philippine Gamer will Return After These Messages…

Due to some rather hectic RL workload, Philipine Gamer will be intermittent with it’s posting for the week.  Rest assured that I’ll be back and blogging as soon as possible when this crazy work week and it’s accompanying projects are over.

I won’t have a post today, but I’ll see if I can come up with something in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, just before the workday begins and my mind is consigned to the Information Architecture Salt Mines. 🙂

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