#RPGaDay 13 to 16

Another few days, another batch of answers for this year’s RPGaDay! 13) What makes a successful campaign? These questions don’t get easier, do they? I think that a successful campaign requires respect for each participant, and a willingness to go and make the game fun for everyone. I’ve always held to the belief that everyone in […]

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RPGaDay2016 #11 & 12

Powering on through with the relatively more frequent posting of articles, here we are with answers to RPGaDay2016’s day 11 and 12 questions. #11 Which gamer of your acquaintance has had the most significant effect on your gaming? This is a tough one. I’d like to think that as a GM you get to learn […]

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#RPGaDay 2016 Days 3 to 10

WOW I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Alright, RL has me laid low for the past few days but I started #RPGaDay this year and I sure as heck will finish it. Let’s get to work. #3 Character moment you are most proud of? As a GM I don’t really have a […]

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#RPGaDay2016 Day 1

Hey everyone, I’m back for a third year of doing the #RPGaDay thing. Today’s question is: “Real dice, dice app, diceless, how do you prefer to roll?” I guess I’m pretty old school in that I’ve always felt much better rolling real dice. It also has a bit of exoticism to it here, as gaming […]

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