[Let’s Study – P:tC] Conclusions

Promethean: the Created is an interesting, and unique sort of game.  As far as the new World of Darkness goes, it presents a very different spin from the standard “Play the Monsters” angle of White Wolf Games.  The horror that it presents is far removed from the empowering aspects of being an immortal power-brokering Vampire, […]

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[Let’s Study – P:tC] Disquiet

One can’t talk about Promethean without talking about Disquiet.  Disquiet is a supernatural effect that plagues the Prometheans due to the fact that they are an aberration of reality.  Their very existence turns the “normal” world against them.  People, animals and even nature itself twists and perverts itself as if to continually punish the Promethean […]

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[Let’s Study – P:tC] Refinements

If there’s something that really caught my eye with regards to Promethean: the Created, it would be the concept of Refinements.  Adhering to their Alchemical praxis, the Prometheans believe that they are unfinished base matter that could transmute themselves to finally become real humans.  The process of becoming human isn’t easy, and isn’t something that […]

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