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WFRP Career Compendium by Ralph Horsley

Nothing says black comedy / gritty fantasy roleplaying than Warhammer Fantasy.  In many ways, Warhammer Fantasy’s default assumption is that you get to fight the good fight before dying somewhere along the way against the forces of evil.  There are no happy endings, only the bleak humor in realizing that you’ve stopped this particular incursion of evil and lost a leg in the process, so now you have to make a funny step-clunk-step sounds wherever you go.

That said, there’s still fun to be had in the setting, and sometimes it’s the crazy desperation that makes the game memorable.  WFRP has to be one of the few games that really starts off with a literal rag-tag team of protagonists (I hesitate to use the term heroes) going up against all sorts of bizarre situations.

Whether it’s fighting off a conspiracy of rat-men that live in the sewers or realizing that the happy-go-lucky Halfling baker really is baking his fellow halflings into his meat pies in the service of the ruinous powers of Chaos, Warhammer Fantasy has room for pretty much anything.  It all depends on the group’s tolerance for comedy in their gritty fantasy.