Games to run for 2015

Given the changes in my life with the upcoming kid (very soon now!) I’m looking at how I’ll be working some gaming into my schedule. At the moment I don’t really see myself running long campaigns just yet, which makes me more than a little sad. However, it does open up the possibility of running […]

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[Review] Kuro: Makkura

The second release for the Kuro Roleplaying Game by 7emmeCercle and Cubicle 7 Entertainment, Makkura is a solid series of adventures that delivers the authentic Cyberpunk-Asian Horror vibe that Kuro is best known for. Makkura is a series of no less than six fully-fleshed out adventures that pick up from the original adventure from the […]

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[Review] Kuro by Cubicle 7

Kuro is one of those RPGs with an interesting and unusual concept. In this case it’s smashing together Cyberpunk with Japanese Horror to create a bleak vision of a high-tech future that’s mingling with the occult. Written by the Septieme Cercle team, otherwise known as the magnificent people behind the awesome Qin: the Warring States […]

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