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[Fight Class] Editing and the Future

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Oh yes, it’s alive.

After being in limbo in my projects folder, I’ve started working again on Fight Class. We’re at the point where the game is conceptually complete, and is undergoing Editing and Playtesting to reach a state where I can essentially say it’s done.

Once that is over, I’ll have to make a decision on whether to put this up on DriveThruRPG as a paid product or a Pay What You Want one. I’m confident I have a good game here, but I am a little worried that I won’t earn enough to be able to commission artwork for it.

In any case, I’ll soon be releasing the text document up for people to see!

[Game Design] Sometimes The Pain Is In The Waiting… and the Funding

I am occasionally an impatient person.

With three mini projects in my plate right now (Heroes of the Falling Star, Son of BADASS! and Fight Class) I find myself at the point where I have to take some time to wait for material from the people I’ve contracted to work on art and layout. Don’t get me wrong, these are some of the best people I can afford, and I have absolute faith that they’ll deliver.

My issue here is the fact that I’m now looking for something else to do. At this point I might revisit Fight Class’ draft and go over it again to make sure that it works. Among all three of them, Fight Class is the most mechanically involved, with a powers creation system baked into it, so it’s the one that seems to be taking the most time.

That said I’ve received a few very fun updates, with the biggest joy being that I’ve seen the initial roughs for the cover of Son of BADASS, and I’m really excited to share it with you as soon as I can.

On Funding

At this point, I’m starting to feel the strain of funding my games. While I have enough to purchase a few key pieces (like a good cover, for instance) getting someone to lay out the books for me is another hurdle.

I would love to put these three games up as a single crowdfunding campaign, but I’m worried that might be putting all my eggs in one basket.  AT the way things are shaping up, I’m seeing a release of either Son of BADASS! or Heroes of the Falling Star first before I finish up with Fight Class, as that’s the game that needs the most attention at this point.

Fight Class: Progress Report

Hey guys,

To those who remember, I was hoping to get Fight Class out by this year. That said, things have happened that have managed to significantly slow (and in some cases) halt progress on the game.

There’s still quite a bit of rework to be done on the rules, and I’m setting up another playtest session or three to try out the mechanics I’ve written all in hopes to be able to finally launch the game by next year. With regards to plans of putting this up for crowdsourcing, I’m still considering it, and I’ll see if I can realistically commit to being able to make stretch goals for the game. Otherwise it might be fair to everyone to just release the game outright after layout for a relatively affordable price.

With regards to the artwork, my lone artist has been working very hard, and she’s recently given me a glimpse of the cover artwork for the game:


We’ve been gunning for the concept of making the image similar to that of a character selection screen of a fighting game. Clearly there’s still work to be done with regards to the layout, but I’m particularly happy with the character portraits.

[Fight Class] More Artwork!


Fight Class manuscript is still undergoing review, but just to show a little more progress on this project, here’s a sketch of some students from another artist I was able to commission for this project, Gerry de los Reyes. Her Legend of Korra-inspired art style seems to fit very well with regards to the look and feel that I was hoping to score for the game. Enjoy!

[Fight Class] Finding Artwork

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Just a bit of news for those waiting for anything regarding Fight Class. With writing (and editing) underway, I’ve been fortunate to be able to get in touch with a few more artists that will be lending their talents to the book. I’m saving my full release and announcement of the work once we’ve had a chance to finalize a cover image for Fight Class but I just wanted to let everyone know that work is still happening on Fight Class.

In mechanics news, I’m tightening up the rules a little bit and I’ll be sending it out to a few friends for them to try running it for their own playtest groups. This should net me the kind of feedback I need to make sure that the rules will stand up to actual play where I’m not around to run it.

[Fight Class] A Wild Update Appears!

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Hey guys,

Just to let you know, Fight Class is still alive and under development. Work on it has slowed to a crawl due to the amount of real life work piling up, but I’m determined to release something by the first half of the year.

That said, I’m posting to solicit feedback on something.

One of the biggest difficulties for this at the moment is getting help on the artwork of the game. I’ve managed to tap a few friends to help me out, but I feel that the game could really shine if it had the kind of glossy artwork that I imagined it would need to have.

I initially considered having a crowdsourcing effort to help with getting the budget for this, but I think that I might be able to work on a different model. I’m considering getting a copy of my edited draft through layout with minimal artwork first. I just need it to read well and have the illustrations that I’ve managed to acquire, and I’ll release it as a low-cost (less than $10) version of the game. It would have all the rules you need to play, just without the fancy artwork.

Would people be interested in checking something like this out?

Let me know as I’m seriously considering it.

[Fight Class] Preview Sample Character: Anya

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on Fight Class to tighten up the writing, and I’ve begun working on several sample characters that will be included in the Quickstart document that I’ll be releasing alongside the crowdsourcing campaign. I’m hoping that being able to release a small version of the game with pre-generated characters and a short scenario will be just the thing to get people to try out the game and pledge for it!


One of Overmann Institute’s rising stars is their Table Tennis Champion, Anya. She is a freshman and has just joined this year after beating all her seniors for a place in the team. This bubbly young woman also has one of the highest averages in her competitive sportsmanship theory classes particularly in Applied Tactics and Psychological Warfare. The moment she walks into the court and meets her opponent she is able to predict her victory. A few seconds after the first ball is served, her opponent is able to predict their own certain defeat as well.

Concept: Table Tennis Savant
School: Overmann Institute

010_Overman_Institute_FemaleMotivation: Fame

Musical 2
Visual 2
Verbal 2
Logical 1
Physical 3
Interpersonal 2
Naturalistic 1

Table Tennis Club:
Athletics (Table Tennis)
Perform (Demonstrations)
Academics (Strategy)

Personal Skills:
Pop Culture (Music)
Craft (Cooking)

Health: 8
Confidence: 6
Physical Defense: 5
Social Defense: 3
Initiative: 4
Popularity: 0
Effort: 3
Student Rank: E

Good Looking


You Got Served
Anya pauses a moment to analyze her opponent for behavioral patterns and subconscious tells, effectively “reading” what her opponent would do and negating any physical advantages her opponent might have.

DN: 9 (Scope: Single target, same zone, +1 Effect, Extra Time: +1 Action)
Effect: Modifiers (Penalty to Physical), Duration (Combat)
Roll: Physical + Academics (Strategy)

Supersonic Volley
Anya strikes with a powerful supersonic volley, propelling the ball at incredible speeds, leaving contrails in its wake. Anya enjoys using this to shatter the opponent’s paddle to intimidate them, but has been known to use this attack on her opponent’s bodies as well when pressed into combat.

DN: 11 (Scope: Single target, same zone, Requires Gear)
Effect: Damage
Roll: Physical + Athletics (Table Tennis)

Not Letting You Score
Anya’s skill with Table Tennis allows her to defend against projectile attacks with ease. She often uses this to protect other members of her team from opposing ranged combatants.

DN: 9 (Scope: Multiple Chosen Targets, Adjacent, Only works on Physical Projectiles, Requires Gear)
Effect: Damage (Reduction)
Roll: Logical + Athletics (Table Tennis)

The artwork for Anya was provided by none other than Dax Tee, the same talented artist behind the illustrations in my previous work: BADASS

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