[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Unborn

Automatons.  Ever since the whole Steampunk boom (and perhaps preceding it, really), Automatons have been pretty popular in RPG circles.  From Promethean: the Created, to Warjacks, Modrons, Golems and Warforged, there’s something about having mechanical beings that behave like humans that fascinates and frightens us. It’s no surprise to find that the Unborn are in […]

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[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Orcs

Orcs suffer from being the stereotypical antagonistic race in many a Fantasy setting.  Ask anyone, and they’ll probably know what an Orc is.  Often savage, occasionally civilized, always brutal, and nearly always green, these guys are standard cannon fodder for most campaigns.  Sure there are a few examples that mix it up, most notably Thrall, […]

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