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[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Unborn

Automatons.  Ever since the whole Steampunk boom (and perhaps preceding it, really), Automatons have been pretty popular in RPG circles.  From Promethean: the Created, to Warjacks, Modrons, Golems and Warforged, there’s something about having mechanical beings that behave like humans that fascinates and frightens us.

It’s no surprise to find that the Unborn are in Fantasy Craft to represent this much-loved stereotype.  The Unborn is really meant to be a sort-of catch-all race for reanimated corpses, clockwork people, or beings of living brass or steel.  The single unifying characteristic is that you were built for a purpose, and given life by technology or magic.

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[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Saurians


Of all the fantasy races in fiction, I find the Lizardmen to be the most awesome and under-appreciated.  With the exception of the ones in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the Lizardman guy in the Soul Edge fighting video game series, they barely register on most people’s imaginations when they think of fantasy.

I feel this needs to be rectified asap, and it is with great amusement that I discovered that Fantasy Craft had their own take on this fun non-human race in the form of the Saurians:

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[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Rootwalkers

Treemen, Ents, Rootwalkers.  This species comes in many names, but everyone can pretty much tell one when they see it.  Unlike the famous Dryad, Rootwalkers resemble trees more than people, and naturally have 4 (or more) twisted branch-limbs.  Solitary and patient given their rather long lifespans, Rootwalkers often wonder at the impatience of more short lived species.  I find that this is an interesting addition to the list of playable races for Fantasy Craft as it takes a familiar and well loved concept of a tree person and finally puts it into the hands of players as an option.

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[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Pech

Today we talk about the Pech.

Yes, I know it’s a strange word for most people, but I did some research (well, lazy, look it up in Wikipedia Research really, but hey) and it turns out that Pech is actually a creature of Scottish Mythology.  Though, based on the attributes it looks like Fantasy Craft Pechs aren’t quite as strong as in the myths, instead favoring speed, and resembling more of the Halflings and Gnomes of D&D.

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[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Orcs

Orcs suffer from being the stereotypical antagonistic race in many a Fantasy setting.  Ask anyone, and they’ll probably know what an Orc is.  Often savage, occasionally civilized, always brutal, and nearly always green, these guys are standard cannon fodder for most campaigns.  Sure there are a few examples that mix it up, most notably Thrall, the Orc Shaman from Warcraft, but most of the time they’re not really fleshed out all that well in fiction.

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[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Ogres

Unlike Orcs and Goblins, Ogres suffer greatly from being underrepresented in popular media.  There’s not a lot of them out there, and aside from very specific examples from certain video games, other RPGs, and Shrek, I don’t have anything that immediately comes to mind.  The only features I can figure might be universal is:  They’re big, they’re ugly, and they’re not known for being very smart.  Let’s see how Fantasy Craft takes the Ogre concept out for a spin:

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[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Humans

Let me get this statement out of the way right now:  In Fantasy Craft there’s nothing normal or average about Humans… and that automatically makes them awesome.  More so than in any other game I’ve seen, Humans actually get equal footing with the rest of the non-human races by virtue of what they get as part of their racial package.

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