Hereos of the Falling Star

In The Works: Heroes of the Falling Star, A Wuxia Game for Kids

Remember when I posted about a pet project in the works? The one for my son?

Well, I’ve finally gotten a start on it. With Son of BADASS entering a slower phase in it’s development (Art and Layout) and Fight Class undergoing playtesting, I was able to sit down and really work out what I wanted to do.


They say that when you’re in trouble
Look to the stars and make a wish
That the Lady of Love and Mercy should hear you
and send a Falling Star to grant it.

Heroes of the Falling Star is an introductory role-playing game of magic and adventure in the land of Jianghu, a setting inspired by Wuxia films and literature. Players take on the role of Heroes bestowed with magical items by The Lady of Love and Mercy to help those in need.

Heroes of the Falling Star is designed to be easy to teach and fun to play for both kids and the adults that will be running the game for them.

  • Simple mechanics, no complicated rules that get in the way of telling a good story
  • Set in a magical world inspired by Wuxia, a land of honorable Heroes and exotic creatures
  • Mechanics that reinforce core values of Kindness, Loyalty, Courage, Respect and Honesty

A few early sketches for look and feel

IMG_1992  IMG_1991

What I want out of this Project

I’m no expert in child psychology, but I’m trying to approach this project with two primary objectives:

  1. It has to be able to talk a reader through the process of running the game for children, and give helpful advice and suggestions on how to do so. I’m expecting parents, guardians and older siblings to be the ones to read the manual, so the game has to work as an introduction to the activity that gives them the tools and confidence they need to run adventures for the kids.
  2. The game has to focus on Values Formation, while still being fun. I don’t want the game to be preachy, but I do want to reinforce lessons beyond the obvious benefits of role-playing as a recreational activity.

So where are we now?

Well, I’ve already put together a very rough beta on Google Drive and shared it with a few friends. I’ll be opening it up HERE for comments as well, so you guys can take a peek now and then and see what I’ve been doing with it. The plan is to get this up and running this year as well (along with Son of BADASS! and Fight Class) so I’ve got a busy year ahead of me when it comes to games.

But what about production costs?

That’s the big issue that I’m struggling with right now. I’ve not recovered from the expenses of our family’s medical misfortunes early this year, and so capital has been hard to come by. I was hoping to be able to get some notable artists to help bring this vision to life but so far the costs have been pretty daunting.

I’m seriously considering going with the Crowdfunding route, maybe bundling together Heroes of the Falling Star with Son of BADASS and Fight Class? 3 Games in one campaign, perhaps?

Another option is to bring this up using a ransom model. If we can hit a certain amount of funding, I’ll release all 3 games for free using DriveThruRPG’s Pay What You Want feature. Will that get people to invest?

So that’s what I’m working on right now, and the status of most of my projects.

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