Villain Spotlight #9 The Nihilist

It’s often said that the most dangerous type of person is someone who has nothing to lose.  But what kind of villain does it take to force the player characters to go that far? The Nihilist is dedicated to tearing everything down.  Civilization, Law and Order, People, or even the Planet, everything has got to […]

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Villain Spotlight #7 The Temptress

Welcome back to Villain Spotlight, a series of articles that examines various villainous archetypes and dissects them and their variants for use in a RPGs. Today we examine the Temptress, a classy villain that relies not on strength of arms or an army of henchmen, but instead uses guile and charm, two of the most […]

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Villain Spotlight #6 The Sentience

Most of the villains are easy enough to defeat if given the opportunity via straightforward methods.  Poison, a crossbow bolt, a shot from a sniper rifle, a bomb, being run through by a sword.  All of these are fairly permanent methods of making sure they never threaten you again.  But what if the villain doesn’t […]

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