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These two Support Squad members are remarkably similar.  As awesome as they sound, they’re a very strongly niche concept that can possibly be taken by only 1 member of the team, and usually that member suffers from not getting the spotlight much during game.

On closer observation, they share very similar traits:



Support Squad #1 – The Researcher

Posted: April 20, 2009 by pointyman2000 in Advice, Roleplaying Games, Support Squad

In an older article I celebrated the Support Squad, the characters that weren’t the front lines of a gaming group.  These were the ones who didn’t have the guns, nor the combat capability normally expected for a game.  Instead, they bring in an entirely different benefit, one of information, resources and overall assistance to the team.

And so we’re looking at the Support Squad more closely now, checking out what benefits they bring to the team, how they’re played, and what makes them a viable player role.

Today, we’re looking at The Researcher.