Setpiece Battles

Setpiece Battles #6: In the Midst of a Crowd

Nothing says chaos like a riot.  Screaming, running people who are perfectly willing to trample over others in an effort to get away from the source of their terror, or towards the object of their ire.  It’s unpredictable, dangerous, and sheer numbers can render any location, no matter how mundane into a crazy combat. Continue reading

Setpiece Battles #5: Weightlessness

Setpiece Battles are all about making things exciting by taking out the familiar, boring and routine environments and kicking up the tension a notch by throwing all the combatants into an unpredictable and dangerous environment that can both help and hinder either side.

And so for this article we take leave of the earth and the atmosphere and deal with another interesting environ that will most likely show up in Sci-Fi games (or the occasional bizzare steampunk game involving a Jules Verne Moon Gun.):  Weightlessness. Continue reading

Setpiece Battles #4: The Clock Tower

Not too many games actually have a fight scene set in something like a clocktower, but there are very few places I can think of that will actually fill this location’s signature brand of dynamism.  Ideal for Steampunk settings, a fight inside a giant clock fills the area with moving parts, crushing gears, swinging pendelums, multiple heights and the occasionally deafening blast of massive bells.

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Setpiece Battles #2: Industrial Facilities

Everyone who has seen an action flick from the late 80’s to early 90’s is extremely familiar with this Setpiece.  Industrial Facilities are a great place to conduct a heated firefight (accentuated with moments of kung fu as an option), if only because it has all the right conditions.  Aside from hazardous conditions, and elements, it also provides cover and is usually devoid of bystanders and civilians.

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Setpiece Battles #1: Urban Rooftops

Everyone’s used to fighting in the streets in Urban games.  The moment you describe it, people generally know what to expect.  Incoming traffic, mailboxes and telephone booths for cover, the occasional bus stop shed, and lot’s of people running around (and most likely away if there’s gunfire.)

But the cities aren’t just good for fighting on asphalt.  Let’s go and put the fight way over the character’s heads… several dozen stories high, in fact.

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