[Playing With X, Part 3] Facemen

Happy Monday everyone, welcome back to part 3 of the Playing with X series where we tackle the different kinds of players you might run into in a game and how to best get along with them from a Player’s point of view. Definition Facemen are the talkers of the team. They’re witty players who […]

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[Playing With X, Part 2] Tacticians

Hello everyone, today we’re talking about Tacticians, what they’re like, how to spot one, and of course, how to get along best with their play style. Definition Tacticians in my book are the players who resort to planning and tactics to succeed in a game. They’re consummate planners, and have a tendency to step back […]

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[Playing With X, Part 1] Powergamers

Hey guys, today I’m kicking off another limited series of posts, this time talking about how to best play with different types of players from a player’s perspective. Given the number of GM perspective posts I’ve made on this blog, this should be a neat little experiement. Today’s topic is all about everyone’s favorite (or […]

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