[How do I Sci-Fi?] #5 Fading Suns

Now here’s an old game that I’ve always wanted to play in.  Fading Suns is sorta-kinda like 7th Sea / Legend of the Five Rings meets Warhammer 40k with a pinch of Dune.  The resulting mix is an intriguing game with an elaborate setting and interesting factions.  Let’s take a look at the official description: […]

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[How do I Sci-Fi?] #4 Cthulhutech

Cthulhutech is a recent Sci-Fi game that mashes together the much-loved horrors of H.P. Lovecraft with a distinctly anime and cyberpunk twist.  It’s a broad game, where players characters can range from human agents and investigators trying to find and stop various Cults, to being pilots of massive anti-Cthulhoid horror mecha called Engels, to mysterious […]

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[How do I Sci-Fi?] #2 Blue Planet

Blue Planet has always been an intriguing game with a unique setting that has yet been emulated in any other print rpg product to my knowledge.  Taking place in a time when mankind has well and truly screwed up Earth, humanity finds a wormhole that leads them to the distant planet of Poseidon.  Capable of […]

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