[How Do I: Fantasy] #5 Homebrew

Heh.  Somehow I knew it would come to this.  After going over my collection of pdfs and books, I realize that I have no other individual game I can write about that isn’t a D&D Campaign Setting or Exalted. Because of that, I’m looking at perhaps one of the most common routes in running Fantasy […]

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[How Do I: Fantasy] #4 Dragon Age

Dragon Age is the latest Fantasy IP from Bioware, the makers of the esteemed Baldur’s Gate PC game.  While Baldur’s Gate was set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting of D&D, Dragon Age is an original setting, one that was conceived to fit the bill of “Dark Fantasy.” As a setting Dragon Age thoroughly deconstructs […]

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[How Do I: Fantasy] #2 7th Sea

Well, this is a campaign long coming.  I’ve had the books for several years now (just the 2 corebooks, alas) but I’ve always been fascinated by the setting for this rpg.  While I’ve been made aware of the downsides of some parts of the metaplot that a lot of people railed against, I’m willing to […]

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