Hero Spotlight: Conclusion

And that wraps up my first run through the Hero Spotlight companion series to the original Villian Spotlight.  I have to admit that I had a more difficult time writing this particular series since the Hero Archetypes tend to blend together when they actually see play, either due to conept, or from gameplay. The Penitent […]

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Hero Spotlight #9: The Retainer

Sometimes people achieve glory not from becoming a leader, but in becoming a follower.  While everyone dreams of becoming a hero, there are people who find validation in becoming of service to others, whether it stems from oaths of fealty, or just plain faith.  And in this quiet devotion they transform themselves into heroes of […]

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Hero Spotlight #7: The Savage

Not all heroes are shiny, happy civilized people that live in idyllic villages, or metropolitan cities.  Sometimes a hero is what you least expect, and in the tradition of Tarzan and Conan, today we take a look at none other than the Savage.  Savages are heroes that may not necessarily know or care about law […]

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Hero Spotlight #6: The Penitent

Some people have a lot to make up for, and it’s their efforts to set things right that make them into remarkable characters on their own right.  The strength earned from regret is a powerful motivation and makes for an intriguing and mature character concept.  Whether it’s starting over, or trying to undo something he […]

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