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Introducing: The Workshop!

Hello, and welcome to the Philippine Gamer Workshop! Over the past years, Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer has grown from a hobby blog to dispensing GMing advice and most recently a home for the extensive Let’s Study series of game reviews.

With my current state as a parent and the inherent additional financial strain of providing for my son, I’m looking for new ways to earn though my enjoyment of the hobby.

Today, we’re looking at a new angle of growth for the Philippine Gamer, where I’ll be putting up small tabletop RPG games with a minimal development budget. These projects will will grow and evolve with the inputs and suggestions of the people who play them.

At the end of each year, the Workshop’s outputs will be collected, edited and polished up as a collection of mini games available for purchase. Crowdfunding might be an option to be able to afford artwork and layout to spruce up each volume further.

It’s a crazy idea, but I’m looking forward to giving it a shot.

I’ve got a small handful of ideas bouncing around in my head, and I’ve been meaning to resurrect some old concepts that have never seen completion. I guess it’s time to put them to work!

Nice! How can I help?

I’ve had a Patreon account for a while, but it was initially keyed to charge whenever I put out a complete Let’s Study review series. You can place you pledge there, and I’ll charge whenever I finish an RPG game for public consumption.

Don’t worry, each game will be complete and playable, no half-baked projects here!

[Cheap Thrills] Dungeonslayers 4e by Christian Kennig

Hello everyone and welcome to a new series of articles that I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now. Cheap Thrills explores the crazy world of Free-To-Play and Low-Cost Tabletop RPGs. Who says that you need to pay good money to have a good time?

This series is also what I hope will be a great introduction to the hobby via inexpensive means for those who live far away from the center of hobby gaming.

Today we’re looking at Dungeonslayers 4e by Christian Kennig, a German rpg that has just recently been released. I’ve heard of Dungeonslayers before, through the ever-aweseome Michael “Stargazer” Wolf of Stargazer’s World, but this is the first time that I’ve really had a chance to sit down and go through the book.

The game is an excellent entry-level game for new players. The writing is clear and the rules are elegant and easy to learn. Having only three races and three base classes might seem limiting at first, but the addition of Hero Classes that can be taken at level 10 broadens the player choices considerably.

There’s also a large chunk of Spells in the book, giving the people who like playing spellcasters a lot of options to choose from. A large selection of Talents also exists for further customizing characters.

The GM also receives a good chunk of advice, and a few sample adventures as well complete with NPCs and maps. Literally everything you’ll need to get a game started even if you’re a complete novice to Tabletop RPGs.

One more note: The production quality of this book is top-notch, matching professional publications in terms of artwork and layout. I found the information design choices in the game to be very well done with the use of easy-to-identify icons with regards to the Character Sheets and the Bestiary as well.

What you’ll need:
– An internet connection to download the Corebook and Character Sheet from
– A D20 per player would be nice, but a group can pretty much make do with just one die.

Entry Cost?
Php 50.00 for a single D20 if your group is really stingy

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