Trying on something new

Hi everyone,

Just a minor post here about something that might be pretty obvious: I’m switching to a more readable theme for the blog, so pardon if you see stuff moving around!

We’ll be back to more Let’s Study articles very soon!

2 thoughts on “Trying on something new

  1. I’m not a regular visitor to your blog, but I’ve popped in from time to time in the past to read some of your Let’s Study articles. First of all, I want to say, I dig the new look! Secondly, I want to comment on the L5R Cyberpunk article, but for some reason there’s no way to do so, so I’m going to post my comment here instead. I only have the most general familiarity with L5R, but I’ve always enjoyed seeing genre remixes of RPG campaign settings, and as remixes go, I think cyberpunk L5R is a brilliant idea.

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