City of Mists: the Perfect Persona RPG?

So I just picked up a copy of City of Mists from DriveThruRPG at the recommendation of Obskures over in Twitter.

Having had a chance to read over it, I realized that it was actually near-perfect for a Persona RPG. This is probably the laziest way to run a Persona game ever given that there was no need to come up with extra mechanics, just slot in your favorite powers and run!

Check out the crew and setting details and a sample persona user below!

Crew Type: The Gang

You’re more than just investigation partners: you’re friends. Whether you are high-school friends, university chums, elderly home roommates, or just hanging out together, you’ve known each other for a while and possibly even helped each other go through your awakenings. It seems whenever you hang out together, strange things start happening around you, things that are connected to your own personal questions. Can you help those around you restore the peace while solving the mysteries of your own Mythoi? You may not have fancy headquarters, a great deal of resources, or the slightest clue what you are doing, but hey – you have each other!

Series focus: the relationships within the crew Characters: students, teachers, or other City residents who are friends, classmates, roommates, or family members

Possible cases: investigating bizarre incidents within your social circle (e.g., school, apartment block) that at first seem insignificant, tackling others within your social circle who use their Mythos powers immorally or against you, discovering that one or all of you are of special interest to some big players in the City – and dealing with it


Your story is a noir-inspired detective story set nowadays. All the challenges of the world as you know it are included: an overcrowded city, growing social alienation to the point of mass psychosis, unchecked consumerism. The ghost dimension of the Internet is superimposed on all aspects of life (although it may not be a focus of your series). People live in an almost impenetrable bubble of distraction, giving the Mist a whole new interpretation.

Sample Persona User

Ulala Serizawa (and her Persona: Callisto)
Mythos:  Callisto
Logos: Traumatized and Angry Working Girl

Mythos Themes: Bastion, Expression
Logos Themes: Defining Event, Training

BASTION: “Broken but Unbowed”
Power Tags: Impressive Resilience, Interposed Block, Hunker Down
Weakness Tags: “I can’t protect them all!”

EXPRESSION: “Heart of Stone”
Power Tags: Stone Projectiles, Affects Concrete, Concrete Barrier
Weakness Tags: Severe Colateral Damage

Power Tags: Filled with Rage, Horoscopes, Roommate: Maya
Weakness Tags: Emotional Scarring

TRAINING: “The Sweet Science”
Power Tags: Boxing, Mean Right Hook, Boxing Gloves
Weakness Tags: Exposed after Right Hook

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