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Today we’re talking about Trouble. Trouble is the term Tales From The Loop uses to explain situations that are fraught with risk. Kids, being kids, tend to get into Trouble all the time, and most scenes tend to revolve around getting into (and out of) Trouble.


Trouble comes in all sorts of forms, but some kinds of Trouble will grand lasting Conditions if you don’t overcome them successfully.

Overcoming Trouble

To Overcome a Trouble, the game relies on dice rolls. In Tales From The Loop, players put together a pool of dice equal to their attribute and skill. For every 6 you roll, you score a success. Most of the time this is all you need to overcome Trouble.

Items, Pride and Luck

Iconic Items can be used for a dice roll when appropriate to grant 2 extra dice to roll. It’s a nice boost, and one that can be used repeatedly as long as you can justify the function of the item.

Pride on the other hand is used once per Mystery to score an automatic success.

Luck is spent after a failed roll to force a reroll of failed dice.

Buying Effects

If you roll more successes than needed, you can sometimes spend leftover successes to get benefits that improve on your success.

Pushing the roll

Normally a failed roll basically means you don’t succeed and take a Condition for it. However, you may also choose to immediately retry the task by mentally or physically pushing yourself.

Pushing has a cost however, and inflicts a Condition in order to reroll. Needless to say, Pushing happens in the most desperate of rolls.


To wrap up this short chapter, the game also provide the list of skills with a short writeup of where they can be used, what questions can be answered by their use, and what bonus effects could be gained by rolling extra successes.

Admittedly there’s not a lot more to say about the Trouble Chapter. The mechanics are striaghtforward, and refreshingly so. It’s good to see that Trouble is the mindset you’re looking for instead of “Conflict” Trouble can take many forms, most of which might not necessarily involve combat, violence or a direct confrontation.

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