[Let’s Study: Symbaroum Part 5] Mystical Traditions, Magic and Ritual


Before we move on to the GM Rulebook for Symbaroum, we’re taking a look at the Mystical Traditions that exist in the societies of Ambria and Davokar, as well as the various spells and rituals that exist within them.

Mystical Traditions

Symabaroum is a magical setting. However, magic itself has been corrupted, and those untrained in it’s use expose themselves to corruption simply by tapping into the latent energies of magic. However, Magical Traditions are studies that have been able to reduce the effect of corruption among spellcasters.

The traditions in the core book include: Theurgy (powers of the Faith), Sorcery (powers from Corruption), Witchcraft (powers from Life and Nature), and Wizardry (powers from disciplined Study).

Each of these traditions are given a short writeup, and are pretty flavorful. They also have a section each on the sort of powers they wield, rituals they perform and how they view Corruption.

A fifth faction of Independent Mystics exist, but that’s more of a catch-all for the untrained, whose advantage lies in being able to study and cast spells from all the prior four without limitations, but subject to more Corruption.

Mystical Powers and Rituals

The next chapter of the book goes into descriptions of the various Mystical Powers and Rituals open to each of the Traditions. Mystical Abilities are formatted in the same way as standard Abilities, with Novice, Adept and Master levels that show the depth of skill of the caster.

Rituals on the other hand are time-consuming spells with various uses that don’t have the immediacy of Mystical Powers but are very handy for investigative purposes. These range from Clairvoyance to Commanding Confessions, and each of the Traditions sports some very interesting Rituals.

Symbaroum’s magic system is easy to understand, and very flavorful. Each Tradition brings a unique form of casting to the table, and there’s room for multiple spellcasters in any party. Given the nature of the things in Davokar (and even the human opponents that can be found in Thistle Hold, Karvosti or Yndaros) having some magical ability in your party can only be a good thing.

For those interested in checking it out and following along, you can purchase Symbaroum on PDF over at DriveThruRPG for only $18.99

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