[Let’s Study: Symbaroum Part 4] Combat

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Now that we’ve got ourselves a fairly robust starting character in the form of Karlio from our previous post, let’s see how he does in a standard combat against one of the many, many threats of Symbaroum: a bandit.


Stat-wise a bandit (or Robber in this case) has high Vigilant and Discreet stats, while having only a middle-of-the road Accurate rating. Still, there’s no point in underestimating any fight in Symbaroum.

That said, let’s take on a stereotypical scenario just to give context to this matchup:

Karlio is returning from a quick visit to the Davokar and is hurrying his way back to Thistle Hold, hoping to make it inside the gates before nightfall. His hopes of being able to get there without delay were shot down however, as a wiry looking man with missing teeth stopped him along the road, brandishing a rusty sword.

“Oi, you there, hand over your money and nobody has to get hurt.”

Karlio, being no stranger to violence, gave a sigh as he drew his blade, “Let’s just get on with it. You’ll be just another corpse on the roadside for the crows to feast on.”

Turn Order

The character with the highest Quick can choose to go first or to wait. Surprisingly Karlio has a higher Quick score of 11, and decides to go first.


Characters in Symbaroum are able to Perform Combat Actions, Movement Actions, Reactions and Free Actions.

Being without a ready weapon, Karlio decides to be careful and spend his Combat Action readying his sword, as well as his shield.

The Robber then takes his action, spending his Movement action to close the distance between him and Karlio and then attacks!

This is resolved by a [Defense <- Accurate] Test, meaning that Karlio rolls his Defense modified by the Robber’s Accurate. Karlio’s Defense is 11, +2 for his Shield Fighter Bonus. The Robber’s Accurate has a modifier of 0, meaning Karlio needs to roll a 13 or Less to avoid harm.

Karlio’s player rolls a 3!

Karlio swats aside the Robber’s sword-strike with his shield in an almost negligent shrug.

Turn order then comes back around to Karlio, who makes an attack of his own, swinging his sword down over the Robber’s shoulder!

Karlio’s attack is an [Accurate <-Defense] roll, with Karlio’s Accurate being 13, and the Robber’s terrible Defense of +4, bringing Karlio’s target number up to 17! Karlio rolls a 14, hitting the Robber on the shoulder with his blade.


Normally, a one-handed sword like the one Karlio uses has a damage rating of 1d8. But thanks to his Shield Fighter Ability, it now counts as 1d10. Karlio’s player rolls a 7, which is then reduced by the Robber’s Crow Armor value of 3, bringing the damage down to 4.

This is then deducted from the Robber’s own Toughness, bringing him down from 11 to 7 instead. Definitely wounded, but still far from dead!

Karlio’s attack was savage, but the Robber’s last minute parry was able to soften the blow somewhat, saving his life as he staggered backwards, sporting a bloody gash on his shoulder, with some white of his collarbone peeking through.

He counter-attacks with the ferocity only a hungry and desperate man could muster!

Again, Karlio’s player has to roll his defense, and scores a 12, just barely enough to avoid the Robber’s blade.

Taken aback by his opponent’s rabid aggression, Karlio barely parries the robber, before stepping forward to try and run him through!

Karlio’s player then rolls his attack once more, hoping to put an end to this!

Karlio’s player rolls an 8, scoring a hit! His damage roll for his one-handed sword rolls a 9, which is then reduced by armor to 6!

Scoring damage to meet a target’s Pain Threshold opens up two options for Karlio: 1) He may choose to knock the target to the ground, or 2) take an extra Free Attack on the target. Reluctant to let the fight go any longer, Karlio decides to finish the job!

He makes a second attack roll, scoring a 17 (just barely a hit) and damage of 7.

Karlio drives his blade into the Robber’s gut, blade finding a space between the man’s armor. Not bothering to pull it free, Karlio twists the blade  and slices horizontally, along the robber’s armor, until he sees the life fade from the other man’s eyes.

As you can see, combat in Symbaroum is pretty dangerous. Karlio has the advantage of having strong Defense and decent armor, but a few lucky rolls could have meant the difference between survival or being food for the crows.

I imagine that fighting multiple opponents would be very dangerous as the Advantage mechanic for Symbaroum grants a +2 bonus to Success Tests and a 1d4 bonus to damage! So if Karlio were to go up against two Robbers instead, they’d likely flank him and whittle him down that way.

For those interested in checking it out and following along, you can purchase Symbaroum on PDF over at DriveThruRPG for only $18.99


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