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Hello again! After a lengthy absence, I’m back to blogging, taking on the rest of Book 1 of Symbaroum with a quick glance at the rest of the setting chapters.


The Factions Chapter is a compelling read. Given the boundaries of having to cram a small slice of a world with as much detail as they can, Symbaroum proceeds to show how to do so with style.

The factions are presented in short, but evocative write-ups, detailing their history and mandate, along with a few details that add a lot of colour to each of the groups, whether it’s the political leanings of a  particular noble line, to details of the Knighthood of the Church of Prios are arranged.

Add to this that the major factions also have a sidebar that talk about key personalities and you get a great glimpse of the complex (and volatile) nature of the politics of Symbaroum.


The next section deals with the nature of Davokar Forest. Being the key location for many adventures set in Symbaroum, Davokar’s chapter is less about maps and monsters and detail as much as it is about imparting the mood of exploring such a mysterious and ancient wonder, and the fact that every journey there is fraught with danger.

Further details on Davokar will be discussed in the GM chapters.

Thistle Hold, Yndaros and Karvosti

I’m tackling all three (perhaps unfairly) because each of these primary locations of Symbaroum share similar formats. Each is given a background of their founding, a description of their layout and features, and a discussion of the key personalities or factions that call each place home.

Among these are sidebars that discuss small bits of legend that add a great deal of flavour. Furthermore, each has a distinct flavour. Thistle Hold has a real “Gateway to adventure” sort of feel, while Yndaros is more stately and established, while Karvosti is savage and different from the lifestyles of those who came from a more “civilised” background.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add that each of these chapters also sports a beautiful map of each of the locations.

In our next entry in this series we’ll tackle the Player’s Guide, and put together a character for Symbaroum!

For those interested in checking it out and following along, you can purchase Symbaroum on PDF over at DriveThruRPG for only $18.99

Also, Team Järnringen is holding a Kickstarter campaign for Symbaroum Karvosti: The Witch Hammer, their latest book for Symbaroum. Go check it out!