A Few Reflections on Slowing Down

Posted: January 2, 2017 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games

Happy New Year everyone!

Over the past few months, my content on this website has slowed down to a mere trickle. Whereas I used to be able to post at least thrice a week, I’ve had months with only one or two posts these days.

Most of it is likely due to my shift in lifestyle. I’ve moved on to a new job, with great new perks and correspondingly greater responsibilities. Add the fact that my son is now well into his terrible twos, making managing him whenever I am at home a full-time effort and most of my energies are spent.

As such, it’s getting harder and harder to focus and plan out my games like I used to. I used to be proud of being able to set up intricate campaigns with a ton of moving parts and agendas, but now I’ve slowly settled to just being able to run a session at a time.

I have to admit that it was rather disheartening at first, but I’ve come to understand that this was my new status quo, and rather than rage against it, it was simply better to take a moment to accept it, and make the most of it.

So what does this mean for the blog?

Not much, to be honest. I’m still going to be doing reviews and Let’s Study series (albeit a little slower given how things are.)

As for gaming, I’ve decided to take every session as a blessing, so to speak. I may have to avoid too many new systems as I don’t have that much free time to really learn them, but that doesn’t leave me bereft of systems I already know and enjoy. I have an odd feeling that I’ll be back with a new L5R campaign sooner or later, though I don’t think it’ll be as long as my previous Lion Clan game.

I don’t think of this as quitting the hobby as much as an inevitable dialing back on it to accommodate more real life responsibilities. That said, my game development writing is unaffected, and I’m still trying my best to get new games out for people to play.

  1. While I miss reading more from you, it is entirely understandable. Good luck for 2017 and I will read what you post as you have time.

  2. Questing GM says:

    I’ve been through my own ups and downs in my own personal life that also affected my gaming life and also put my gaming blog in a practical shutdown for years. Things have only started to stabilize in 2016 and I’m already looking forward to a good year of gaming in 2017 (you can see my newly minted post on it here: http://questinggm.blogspot.com/2017/01/questings-musings-gaming-quests-for-2017.html)

    What I’m trying to say is, don’t feel too bad about letting real life take priority over gaming, There will certainly be adjustments to make, but in the end you will gravitate back to gaming when life permits.

  3. Edward Dobbins says:

    Sadly gaming is a hobby and at the whims of our “real” lives. Don’t feel bad about it, the the great thing about tabletop rpgs is they can take up as little or as much time as you can fit into your schedule. We’ll be happy to have new stuff from you whenever we get it.

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