#RPGaDay 2016 Days 3 to 10

Posted: August 11, 2016 by pointyman2000 in #rpgaday2016, Articles, Roleplaying Games

WOW I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Alright, RL has me laid low for the past few days but I started #RPGaDay this year and I sure as heck will finish it. Let’s get to work.

#3 Character moment you are most proud of?

As a GM I don’t really have a lot of Character moments. That said there was one particular game where I was playing for once. It was in a World of Darkness game set in the crime-infested Thai city of Roanapur from the Black Lagoon anime. I played a corrupt cop who was on the take from the Triad.

I won’t go into too much detail about the plot, but the encounter involved me going up against a Mage. My character didn’t know exactly what they were, but he assumed that they were some sort of psychic or something. So when he had a chance, he offered the said Mage a ride to their next destination in his car.

My character feigned engine trouble, and got out to pop open the hood, holding it up with his hand rather than propping up the safety pole. He then asked the Mage knew anything about engines. Annoyed, the Mage got out and leaned over to take a look.

And that’s when the hood of the car came down. Repeatedly. Until the Mage was unconscious (and burned in a few places from the heat of various engine parts.)

The look on my GM at a mortal taking out a Mage with such a crude method was priceless.

#4 Most impressive thing another’s character did?

Here’s a question I can get behind. My favourite moment that someone else’s character had pulled off is when my wife, Silver Countess was able to dismantle my entire Mage: the Awakening session in ten minutes of play.

Granted she and the other players were plenty motivated to take down a villain that had their True Names, so they found a way to circumvent a mansion’s security staff, defines systems, and guard dogs to haul the villain to the Consilium to face justice at the hands of Boston’s Heirarch all within ten minutes of learning about the villain’s location.

It was so well done that I stopped, congratulated them and admitted that I had no other plans left for the session and needed a short break to compose myself.

#5 What story does your group tell about your character?

My group would likely want to talk about one particular NPC that they encountered during my Lion Clan only Legend of the Five Rings Campaign, Never a Dull Blade.

Shigure was the Matron of the Three Leaves Merchant House, a large and influential family of traders that worked in the Ikoma Family. Her son, however was a depraved individual who had led a mob of peasants to attack, and violate a Lion Samurai-ko, which was the opening session for the campaign.

While the team was able to deal with her son, Shigure was a cagey old woman with a longer view of revenge, and she spent the entire season tormenting the players in ways that they couldn’t predict, or defend against. She was not a direct opponent, but every time the team ran into an unforeseen difficulty that was tied to her, you could see them all itching for a chance to end this vengeful old lady.

#6 Most amazing thing a game group did for their community?

I want to commend the Makati gamers who banded together to put up a quick gaming event to drum up charity funds to help those stricken by a typhoon. It was a prototype that in turn inspired the idea of making a monthly RPG mini-convention that has been happening ever since.

#7 What aspect of RPGs has had the biggest effect on you?

I suppose the answer here is that it taught me that you really can “fake it till you make it.” Being able to portray a vast number of roles involving authority, assertiveness, cunning and brilliance has taught me to embody some of these roles. And while I’m still limited by my own abilities, being able to pull off the confidence needed to make it work in front of client goes a long way in my line of work… which is Advertising.

#8 Hardcover, softcover or digital? What is your preference?

I would dearly love hardcovers, as there’s a certain prestige to having these on hand in the Philippines. But in the context of economic realities, digital is really the way to go if you want anything beyond the more commercially available D&D.

#9 Beyond the game, what’s involved in an ideal session?

My best sessions involved a lot of talk and discussion outside of the table. Players laid out their plans, talked about their motivations and threw their theories on what the villains have in mind. It keeps interest in the game alive, and gives me more insight to the players characters that I can then use in turn.

#10 Biggest in-game surprise?

The biggest in-game surprise I’ve managed to pull off on my players is in the same L5R campaign, Never a Dull Blade. In summary, there was this massive battle involving two of the biggest military clans in the game, the Lion, and the Unicorn.

In the climax of the encounter involved a fight between the Lion and Unicorn Champions, the leaders of each faction in an honourable duel. As the player characters watched, the two leaders face off against each other…

And their Champion was struck from behind with an arrow. Before the Unicorn Champion ran him through.

This was huge because the players were expecting this to be the same as in Canon, but I figured this was the best way to hammer home the fact that they were no longer in canon territory, and that metagaming of any sort is going to be useless. Also given that they were the honourable Lion Clan, the idea that they would be betrayed by one of their number was nigh unthinkable.

The team was able to rally to a victory, but that left them knowing full well that even if they’d won the battle, the future of their Clan was suddenly in jeopardy.

  1. Runeslinger says:

    Excellent choice of surprise, and favorite character moment! Also, I totally resonate with what you say for Day 7~

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