[Let’s Study Beast: the Primordial] Part 4: Kinship

Posted: June 7, 2016 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Beast: the Primordial, Let's Study, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness
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One of the more unique aspects of the Beasts is the ability to form close bonds with other Supernatural. This Kinship mechanic is what makes the game so crossover-friendly.


In fact, Beasts normally always give at least a good impression for the purposes of Social maneuvering when it comes to most other supernatural beings, including other Beasts. This applies to Mages and psychics as well, but only bestows an average impression rather than a good one.


Furthermore, Beasts have an instinctive sense for who other Beasts are. They can also detect Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings or other full-fleded supernatural beings as an automatic success. Again, Mages, Psychics and other fundamentally human types are harder to detect.


What ties this all together is the fact that Beasts can boost the capabilities of other supernatural creatures that aren’t Beasts. To bestow this benefit, the Beast has to be in the presence of her target. This grants the target a rush of power, gaining a dice pool equal to the Beast player’s successes that can be used to roll for a supernatural power.


Another edge that the Beasts have is that they can actually defuse suspicions of other Supernaturals by registering as one of them, for as long as the Beast has had a chance to bond with a member of that community beforehand.


The purpose of all of this, of course is the fact that Beasts can feed off another Supernatural Creature’s hunting and feeding. A Beast can accompany a supernatural being as he hunts or feeds, and if the Beast witnesses it, the Beast automatically gains 1 Satiety for the hunt and another for the feeding.

The stranger thing is that the Beast doesn’t even need to make her presence known. In a supernatural voyeur sort of way, the Beast can track and observe the Supernatural and then feed off their actions even without introducing himself.

These mechanics pretty much sum up how the Beasts get in on the action in any group where you want to throw in something different in a CofD game.

Beasts being what they are can be enigmatic allies of a party of player characters, all while still sharing similar stakes. It’s important to note that these Kinship are a great way to expand the range of supernaturals to interact with in an All-Beast chronicle as well.

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  1. Kinship seems to go against Player-GM trust to me. How would avoid turning Family Dinner and the more powerful resemblance abilities into an instant “i win” button?

    • Kinship sounds to easy to abuse & satisfying the beast’s hunger sounds too difficult compared to kinship’s family dinner, so how would the gm know if he/she was unfairly abusing the combination? It doesn’t seem fair if the GM is supposed to support the npc more then the players.

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