[Let’s Study Beast: the Primordial] Part 3b: Predators, Nemesis and Ravagers

Posted: June 1, 2016 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Beast: the Primordial, Let's Study, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness
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And we’re back to Beast: the Primordial! Today we’re continuing our look at the various Hungers available for the Beasts.

PREDATORS: Hunger for Prey

Perhaps the easiest to understand, these Beasts feed on the terror of being hunted, of being reduced to running for your life.

The desire to hunt can take on different forms, from the classic literal chase you down and eat you, to the more elegant use of beauty and charm to lure victims away from the safety of the herd only to devour them when they have nowhere to go.

The lessons that the Predators teach is the most apparent to anyone who has seen any wildlife or nature shows: In the end, people are just helpless little monkeys against a true predator.

NEMESIS: Hunger for Punishment

These beasts are the boogeymen of the world, creatures that exist for the purpose of disciplining the guilty.

Their methods vary, some prefer to jump in and punish immediately, while others will bide their time and set things up before bringing righteous punishment upon the heads of the guilty. In both cases, these monsters will always make sure that the victim knows why they are going to die, and will leave a trail that will make it obvious for witnesses that the victim died for a reason.

The lesson of the Nemesis is that no transgression goes unpunished. Break the rules and someone will be there to break you.

RAVAGERS: Hunger for Ruin

The Ravagers are the monsters that are walking natural disasters. They destroy things to remind us that nothing lasts forever, and whatever comforts we enjoy can be taken away in one violent encounter.

The Ravagers are vicious individuals who sow chaos in their wake. Arson, a violent attack, or starting a riot or stampede in a packed venue are all hallmarks of this Beast. In some ways, think of the Joker, Batman’s nemesis in the comics and the movie. Their very presence sets everyone on edge, and they know that they will never be safe. Ever.

At this point, I’m almost sold on the idea that the Beasts are better off as Antagonists. They’re broken individuals with terrifying powers and powerful urges for ruining lives. While it’s possible to tell stories of redemption with them as protagonists, that’s not what Beasts are about.

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