[Mage: the Awakening 2nd Ed] Sample Character: Kibo

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Photography: timmyang.com

To celebrate the release of the second edition of Mage: the Awakening, I’m putting  up a character that you can play!

Today’s sample character is Kibo (True Name: Rei Hiramatsu) of the Suicide Pact. I’ve detailed the origins of Kibo and her cabal in a post from way back that you can read here.


This take on Kibo is her after her Awakening has given her life direction. Once an aimless youth, she’s committed herself to becoming a Grief and Trauma Counselor. This reflects very much on her skills as well as her Aspirations (and Obsessions.)

Given Asia’s hesitation to talk about their feelings with strangers, Kibo knows that her path isn’t going to be easy. Still she’s had some success with her mission and is confident that she’ll be able to make a difference.

Then the suicide pacts start happening. Though different in methods and victim profiles, they all signed off with the Latin phrase, Memento Mori “Remember death.”

Shadow Name: Kibo (Hope)
True Name: Rei Hiramatsu
Path: Moros
Order: Free Council
Concept: Awakened Grief & Trauma Counselor

– Stop a suicide from happening
– Bring peace to a family who lost someone to a suicide
– Influence a community to change in ways to prevent Karoshi (death from overwork)

Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3

Academics 2
Medicine 2 (First Aid)
Athletics 3 (Running)
Brawl 2
Stealth 2
Empathy 3 (Great Listener)
Persuasion 3
Streetwise 3
Subterfuge 2

The joy of finding something you thought you had lost forever.

Nimbus Tilt: +1 Persuasion / -1 Composure

Mother’s Rosary Ring

Death 3
Matter 1
Mind 2

MANA: 10

Get to the bottom of the increasing number of suicide pacts in Tokyo that share the same signature in their suicide notes: “Memento Mori”

Speak with the Dead p.128

Corpse Mask p.129
Touch of the Grave p.130
First Impressions p.160

Free Council Status * (FREE)
High Speech * (FREE)
Contacts: Ghosts of Suicides *
Contacts: Emergency Medical Response Personnel *
Contacts: Psychologists (FREE)
Contacts: School Guidance Counselors (FREE)
Professional Training: Grief & Trauma Counselor (Empathy & Persuasion) **
Trained Observer ***
Shadow Name **
Languages * (English)

  1. Ungoliant says:

    What is the difference between Death 2: Speak with the dead and Death 2 Attainment: Eyes of the Dead?

    • Hi there,

      From my understanding, Speak With the Dead is more in common with a Seance, where you can sense ghosts but not necessarily see them. The spell also allows you to talk to them.

      The Attainment allows your Death Sight to passively pick up the presence of ghosts, and active mage sight allows you to see them. Furthermore, spending 1 Mana allows you to interact physically with ghosts in a scene, something that Speak with the Dead doesn’t do.

  2. Ungoliant says:

    That is what I thought. It seems like if you have Death 2 attainment (for communication) + mage sight (for anchors) you kinda dont need Speak with dead anymore, right?

    • Yeah, it does seem that Speak with the Dead is not a good choice for a Praxis at first glance, but I’ve yet to read the Legacies rules, I think Praxis might come into play there. Will update once I’ve had a chance to review.

  3. Ungoliant says:

    No, no, the opposite really.
    I mean, a praxis is not a rote, in the system you use it for the good exceptional successes, not a high number of success like a rote, so it makes sense to choose spells you will often use, even if not that important or effective.
    I could see Kibo using Speak with the Dead as a “first encounter” tool, maybe gauging the rank in order to test the waters before getting into a deeper contact with the attainment.
    And maybe, who knows, using that frequent exceptional successes as Bonded/Humbled conditions in those ghosts could be the way to expand her contacts.

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