[Let’s Study Beast: the Primordial] Part 2b: The Anakim

Posted: April 22, 2016 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Beast: the Primordial, Let's Study, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness

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First off in our look at the various Families of Beast: the Primordial are the Anakim, Nightmares of Hopelessness.


The Anakim are Beasts born to embody the fear of helplessness. Many of their Horrors manifest in the shape or form of Giants of mythology: enormous beings whose titanic strength and unfathomable scale leave you with nowhere to run, and no ability to protect yourself.

This doesn’t always have to be literal. A “giant” could also take on the form of an authority figure, an overwhelmingly dominant force of personality. Basically anyone with the power to make you feel like you don’t stand a chance at stopping them.


The Anakim create Lairs that imprison, trap, or constrict. They are meant to be claustrophobic and difficult to navigate. Examples of Traits that belong so such Lairs would be: Cramped, Crosswinds, Currents, Jagged, Maze, Sealed Exists, Undergrowth, Unstable, Earthquake, Exposed.


As creatures of dominance and force, abuse comes naturally to the Anakim. Anakim characters get an ability to break through any physical obstacle in a single turn once per scene.


The Anakim make for an interesting and compelling choice as it speaks to a darker impulse of a players id to dominate. It’s hard wired into us, this drive to be the Alpha and we’re motivated at a primal level.

At the same time we’re not immune to it too. We’ve all been put in a helpless situation by people with power before. Being robbed of your free will because an authority figure decided a course of action that you should take, and you’re powerless to deny it.

Given that most of the mortals in the Chronicles of Darkness world are generally helpless, Beasts are terrifying and the Anakim are the most direct. So if you’ve secretly harbored violent fantasies of flipping out and going all Hulk Smash on people, then Anakim are your Beast of choice.

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