[Let’s Study Beast: the Primordial] Part 2a: Families & Hungers

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As with the usual format of Chronicles of Darkness, character types are grouped according to a Type and a Philosophy / Political faction. In Beast, these are sorted into Families and Hungers.


There are five different Families in Beast, each one centered on an iconic primordial fear. These are:

  • Anakim – Nightmares of Hopelessness
  • Eshmaki – Nightmares of Darkness
  • Makara – Nightmares of the Depths
  • Namtaru – Nightmares of Revulsion
  • Ugallu – Nightmares of Exposure

Each of these types often have an associated monster iconic to it. The Anakim, for example are associated with Giants due to their ability to make their victims feel hopeless against such a titanic or supremely powerful adversary.


If the Families tell you what a Beast is, then Hungers inform you of what they do.

  • Tyrants – Hunger for Power
  • Collectors – Hunger for the Hoard
  • Predators – Hunger for Prey
  • Nemeses – Hunger for Punishment
  • Ravagers – Hunger for Ruin

Each of these gets a two-page treatment in the book, and we’ll be going over each of these in turn starting with the Anakim in our next entry in this series.

Interested in checking out Beast: the Primordial? You can grab a PDF for only $19.99 over at DriveThruRPG!


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