[Let’s Study Degenesis: Rebirth] Part 7: Bazaar, Burn, From Hell, Conclusion and Review

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To end this series we’ll be taking a quick peek at the remaining chapters of Degenesis: Rebirth starting with the Bazaar.


Degenesis: Rebirth features a huge section on gear. Everything is here from a quick discussion of the economy and trade to shopping lists of weapons, equipment, armor and goods such as pack animals and pharmaceuticals.

Of particular note here are weapon mods and Talismans / Insignias. I love the fact that each of the 13 cults have their own respective Signature Gear that provide not just mechanical benefits, but help with giving a sense of identity to the player character.

Definitely the chapter for gearhounds to get lost in.


Burn talks about the various effects of the Sepsis, including Spore Infestations and Burn’s effects on a character’s Ego. Each different type of Burn is also explained.

More than just the body horror aspect of using Burn, I found the notes on how each of the cultures view Burn as particularly interesting. Degenesis is a HUGE setting, with space for all sorts of adventures, so being able to see how each culture deals with such a fundamentally disturbing phenomenon was a nice touch.


Perhaps my favorite chapter, this one details the myriad threats in Degenesis. Opening up with a list of various Clans that dot the apocalyptic landscape, each with their own culture and beliefs, there’s a solid sense that these are proto-Cultures and would-be Cults that are scrambling for dominance.

Players are on top of the pyramid of civilization, but these Clans are all looking to supplant them one way or another.

But more than the scattered Clans there are more fearsome threats that exist, from terrifying animals, to things that can only be best described as monsters. The most terrifying of them are the Psychonauts, children of the Spore Fields with fearsome Psychic Powers that science cannot explain.

I wish I could go into more loving detail into each but I don’t want to spoil it. Let me just say that Degenesis: Rebirth has some of the most terrifying antagonists I’ve ever read and yet there’s enough mystery in each that you would be left itching for a way to find out what makes them tick… if only to better defend yourself from their kind.


Degenesis: Rebirth is aptly named. More than a second edition, it was reconstructed from the ground up to be better than it’s previous form.

The Art and Layout is absolutely amazing. I would be happy to leave a copy in the open for visitors to flip through because it’s just that pretty (if a bit disturbing.)

Rules-wise, Degenesis is straightforward, and relatively easy to learn. There’s a bit of going back and forth with regards to the character creation, but the rules themselves tend to be on the medium range of complexity. That said, combat looks to be very lethal and absolutely terrifying in play.

But of all the things in Degenesis: Rebirth, it’s definitely the setting that sold me. Each of the Cultures has a unique struggle against an antagonistic world that feels like it’s doing its best to snuff out humanity entirely, and you’re the only ones that can stop it.

If you like bleak post-apocalyptic settings with more than a pinch of body-horror and science gone wrong, then Degenesis is an absolute must-buy. Take note though that it’s not a game for kids and some themes and imagery in the game is Grade-A nightmare fuel.

If you’re looking to get yourself a copy of the game, check them out at http://degenesis.com/

  1. Phill says:

    Hey mate, I just wanted to say that this series was a really good read, and I enjoyed your explanations of aspects of the game. I am fortunate enough to already own a copy of the game – having been in love with the setting since I first laid eyes on concept art a couple of years ago, I bought the English version instantly – this series has given me the motivation to finally run a game. I’ll be linking my players to this series as part of my explanation and “selling” of the setting and system.

    Thank you.

    • Hi there!

      Thanks for dropping by to leave a note. I’m glad you enjoyed the series as much as I did writing it. Degenesis’ setting has always been one of it’s major draws, and the concept art is a powerful hook. Good luck with your game, and do let me know how it goes!

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