[Let’s Study Degenesis: Rebirth] Part 5: Character Creation

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Today we’re taking a look at how to build a character for Degenesis: Rebirth. After learning so much about the setting, it’s cults, cultures and a bit about the basic mechanics powering the game, we’re finally ready for character creation.

But before that, the game wisely chooses to spend some time to discuss the need for a GM to talk with his players to hash out what kind of Degenesis game they’re about to play. Given the broad spectrum of Cults and Cultures, it’s easy to see the game going in multiple directions. Because of this the players and the GM have to agree on what kind of game they’re playing, and what kind of conflicts will power it before they think of characters. Nobody wants to be the person who plays a character that doesn’t belong to the game.

It’s very good advice and I’m glad that they brought it up here.

STEP 1: Choose Culture, Concept and Cult

The first part of character creation is selecting their Culture, Concept and Cult. Each of these steps bestows a bonus to the character.

For the purposes of this character creation example, I’ll choose Borca as the Culture as I intend to make a Judge character.

In choosing this Culture, the maximum ratings for the following Attributes go up by one: Agility and Instinct. While the following skills maximum rating also goes up by one: Toughness, Artifact Lore, Engineering, Crafting, Survival.

Concept is determined by the archetypes of the Apocalyptic Tarot. Chosen from a list of 21 different archetypes, each one bestows another +1 Bonus to the maximum attribute and skills associated with it.

For this character, I’ll go for The Righteous, which adds bonuses to Intellect, Cunning and Negotiation.

Cults also work in a similar fashion, with each of the Cults giving a bonus to certain skills. As a member of the Judges, this character gains a bonus to Melee, Navigation, Conduct, Projectiles, and Domination.

STEP 2: Spending Points

Degenesis is a traditional point-buy system with a few little tweaks. Normally a stat can only be raised by 2 during character creation. The bonuses bestowed by Cult, Concept and Culture allows you to spend more on them as desired. So for my character, I can raise my Agility and Instinct attributes by 1 over the normal maximum.

Athletics 2
Melee 3*

Projectiles 2*

Conduct 1*
Expression 1
Negotiation 2*

Artifact Lore 3*
Focus 2
Legends 2

Cunning 2*
Domination 2*
Willpower 2

Empathy 2
Survival 2*

STEP 3: Backgrounds

Every character in Degenesis also has backgrounds that reflect their access to resources outside themselves. In character creation, you are given 4 points to assign to the 6 backgrounds (Allies, Authority, Renown, Resources, Secrets and Network.) None of these can be increased beyond 3.

I’m spending my points on Authority 1, Renown 1 and Resources 2

Step 4: Choose Potential

Potentials are special abilities that are bestowed upon a character from their Cult.

For a Judge, I figure I might as well grab Hammer Blow as a potential, which reduces the penalties for Impact special abilities by 1 per level of Hammer Blow.

Step 5: Determine Rank

Based on the stats I’ve assigned, I meet the requirements to hit the second Rank of the Judges: City Judge. This basically gives my character a Judgment Hammer; leather coat; hat; and a copy of the Codex.

Stp 6: Finishing Touches

The last part would be determining the final derived values of the game:

Ego points are either INT+Focus or INS+Primal. Given a Focus oriented characgter, I’m going for INT+Focus for 5 Ego points.

Spore Maximum is PSY+Faith/Willpower x2 for 10

Flesh Wounds is BOD+Toughness x2 for 6

Trauma is BOD+PSY for 6

Passive Defense starts at 1

Dinars and Chronicler Drafts  is Rank + Resources for 4 x 50 for 200 CD total.

Character creation was actually much faster than I thought. I found myself retrofitting scores to match Cult Ranks perquisites, but I suspect that might be by design.

In our next entry, we’ll go over a quick review of the combat system and if I can squeeze it in, I’ll do a swift example of the fight mirroring the one from my previous series dealing with Degenesis.

If you’re looking to get yourself a copy of the game, check them out at http://degenesis.com/


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