[Let’s Study Degenesis: Rebirth] Part 2: Cultures

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The Seven Cultures of Degenesis

Now that we’ve gotten an idea of the big events that shaped the apocalypse for Degenesis Rebirth, and gotten a glimpse of the threats to mankind’s existence, let’s move on to the various Cultures present in the game.

Much like in the real world, mankind is not one single monocultural mass. The survivors of the end group themselves according to seven Cultures, each of which has a different way of life and unique challenges depending on the nature of the environment in each of their regions.

The cultures present in the game are:

  • Borca (Germany) – Enduring and determined, the Borcan people struggle to survive in the harshest of conditions. Home to a massive fault that split their homeland in two, the western Borcans search the ruins of their once glorious past, looking to find anything that could help them rise above their status, while the eastern Borcans are more of herdsmen and survivors adapting to the world as it is rather than looking to the past for answers.
  • Pollen (Poland) – The devastated wasteland of Pollen is home to the Pandora crater, and is one of the epicenters of the disturbing and alien mutations that plague Europe. The Polleners are hardy survivors that eke out an existence even against the strange creatures born of the Foulness.
  • Balkhan (the Balkans) – The Balkhani are wild and untamed and the Balkhan lands are a strange network of alliances (and betrayals) of the Balkhani nobility. Their home is threatened by the insidious Psychonauts known as the Dushani, masters of manipulation who sneak into thoughts and twist them from within.
  • Franka (France) – Almost lost to the domain of Pheromancer Psychonauts, Franka is a civilization that has all but succumbed to the power of corruption. Still, its proud people cling to the symbols of hope and idealism of their past.
  • Hybrispania (Spain) – The proud people of Hybrispania find themselves in a constant state of war. They are rebels in their own home fighting off the African occupiers in a constant cycle of blood and violence.
  • Purgare (Italy) – The Purgar civilization forges iron bonds of family and faith. Twelve major families rule the land, and their people fight against the Psychokinetic Psychonauts.
  • Africa – The resplendent home of the Neolibyans merchant cult, Africa has become perhaps the most powerful civilization in the known world. Though threatened by the Psychovore threat, Africa is hungry for dominance, and extends its will through trade and steel.

In addition to talking about the various Cultures. Degenesis Rebirth also goes into far more detail in talking about the key locations like cities and strongholds in each of the Cultures, and goes a long way in painting a better picture of how these locations are a melting pot of various Cults… which we’ll get to in our next entry!

If you’re looking to get yourself a copy of the game, check them out at http://degenesis.com/


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