[Let’s Study Degenesis: Rebirth] Part 0: The Thing Itself

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This first installment was supposed to be about Book 1: Primal Punk, which I had been reading for the past few days, but that’s been hijacked by the arrival of the parcel that I’d been eagerly waiting for. Christmas came early for me as I unpacked the physical books that SIXMOREVODKA had sent over as a review copy.

As someone from a country with serious RPG supply problems, I’m a big proponent of PDF books, but there’s certainly nothing like holding the real thing in your hands.

And what a thing it was. Marko Djurdjevic wrote to me to say that they’d thrown a few extra things in the package and it turns out that he wasn’t kidding.

Small Spread

Just to run through the list, what was inside the box was:

  • A copy of Degenesis Premium Edition
  • A GM Screen
  • A poster-sized map of the setting
  • Degenesis Cult Cards
  • SIXMOREVODKA art cards & stickers
  • Stickers showing various logos used in the game
  • A signed copy of the “Sacrifice Everything” art booklet


The production values of the material is very impressive, and the Cult Cards in particular are worth showing off:



I find that they’re a great way to summarize the Cults in the game, and can serve as inspiration for Players who are looking to get into Degenesis. I can totally see these as being a great way to attract players to your table at a convention too.

The GM Screen is made of the same material as the hard binding of books which is honestly a standard that I’m very glad to see is more popular these days. Flimsy cardboard ones don’t hold up very well in extended play. *looks at his 4th edition L5R GM screen with disappointment*


Do you even lift, bro?

It never hurts to having a terrifying monster facing your players while you roll dice in secret either.


Cat not included.

As for the core books themselves, they’re of very high quality and resemble high end coffee-table books. The artwork and layout is eye-catching and the setting (which we’ll get to next time) is compelling enough to keep someone reading.

Even my wife, who has a self-confessed aversion for all things post-apocalyptic, found herself flipping page after page. “It’s terrifying,” she said, “but at the same time, I can’t stop reading!”

[Wife’s note: This is a book I wouldn’t mind leaving on my coffee table! It makes for a great conversation piece.]


Here’s an admittedly terrible photo of the magnificent poster-sized map of the Degenesis Rebirth setting. There’s plenty of space for all sorts of post-apocalyptic adventuring in the game, and from what I’ve read so far, the game supports a wide variety of adventures that range from conflict against the alien and unknown, to threats that are much more uncomfortably human.

In our next article on this series, we’ll start with a primer on the setting of Degenesis Rebirth.

If you’re looking to get yourself a copy of the game, check them out at http://degenesis.com/ and tell them that I sent you their way!

  1. th3muser says:

    The art and design is insane! This looks gorgeous.

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