[M20] Amalgam-X Campaign Research

Posted: November 27, 2015 by pointyman2000 in Mage: the Ascension, Roleplaying Games

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I’ve started planning for a game of Mage: the Ascension’s 20th Anniversary Edition. Unlike my previous campaigns though, I’m running it as a Technocracy game. The Technocracy, to those unfamiliar with the setting is originally presented as the antagonist faction of the game. Agents of control who seek to stifle the creativity and freedom of true magic and force mankind into the gray mediocrity of the mundane.

A lot has happened since then, and the Technocracy has had many years to fix their reputation, and now they represent a counterpoint to magic. In their world view, Science and Reason are the best methodology to do “magic” in the world, as they can be codified, measured and hopefully once the world in general has accepted it enough, replicated by common people without the need of an Enlightened practitioner.

The campaign concept is that of a modern Technocratic troubleshooting team known as Amalgam-X, who are sent on missions to deal with all manner of strange things stemming from the supernatural. What I’d like to explore though is a much more specific subset of supernatural phenomena that could happen in the world of darkness, those relating to modern superstition and urban mythology.

As the world gets increasingly more and more advanced, the normal person understands less and less about how things work. Some of us might have an inkling of how basic machines work, but some might as well be magic to us.

And that’s the opening that the world of darkness needs to add something freaky in the universe.

So, despite the rational, scientific paradigm “winning” in 2016, there are still far too many people with their own superstitions and odd beliefs that are horrific on their own. From modern day horror stories like the Slenderman to the various bizarre experiences as recorded in Creepypasta, there’s a ton of unverified (and unverifiable) experiences that could be associated to the supernatural living just underneath this mundane world of ours.

Amalgam-X is the team that has to deal with those shadows.

  1. Sounds like fun. Look forward to reading more of the mission of this team.

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