#RPGaDay2015 Catch Up Post, Days 18 to 25

Posted: August 25, 2015 by pointyman2000 in #rpgaday2015, Roleplaying Games
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Here’s this week’s #RPGaDay2015 catch up post #3! Again, to those unfamiliar with the practice, it’s all about answering a series of questions relating to RPGS. The list of questions can be seen in the graphic found HERE

Day 18: Favorite Sci-Fi RPG

Of all my Sci-Fi RPGs, I’m going to have to give in and say that I’m still a giant fan of the Metabarons RPG. To those unfamiliar with it, it’s a D6 system take on the Metabarons Comic Book universe. With plenty of room for a mad and crazy idea at every turn. The system itself serviceable, and perhaps uninspired, but the setting is ripe with possibilities to leave your players scratching their heads. That said, most of my most insane moments were informed by reading the comic as opposed to the book, which did a pretty poor job of conveying the same manic world of the comics.

Day 19: Favorite Supers RPG

HERO System is perhaps one of my favorite systems since Character Creation is a game in itself. It’s bulky, and confusing at times, but I’ve yet to see a supers game faithfully attempt to simulate a world so thoroughly. You owe it to yourselves to check out at least the Champions Complete book.

Day 20: Favorite Horror RPG

The World of Darkness holds a special place in my heart for Horror RPGs. I’ve run so much Mage and WoD Core stuff that running horror became second nature to me, and resulted in me being typecast as the horror GM, something I’ve been trying to shake off.

Day 21: Favorite RPG Setting

Rokugan, from Legend of the Five Rings. Hard to beat such an extensively detailed world of faux-Japan. It’s not the same, clearly, but it’s accessible enough to scratch the particular itch of wanting to play fantasy samurai in a world that cleaves to a different set of values than traditional western fantasy, and until now I’ve yet to see a setting come close to overthrowing L5R’s position for the best.

Day 22: Perfect Gaming Environment

I honestly love running at home. It’s quiet, you have access to food and drink, and you can play music if necessary. Right now that’s a little difficult given that I have an 8 month old son who is still in need of a lot of attention, but eventually I’ll get started on hosting games again.

Day 23: Perfect Game For You

It’s a toss up between Legend of the Five Rings, 4th Edition and Mage: the Awakening for me right now.

Day 24: Favorite House Rule

I don’t house rule so much, but there’s a little thing I’m planning to implement in a convention game I’m going to be running this weekend for D&D 5e game where the players are part of a Bloodsport-esque gladiatorial combat simulator.

Audience Request

Once per Encounter, a member of the Audience may request for a specific action to be taken by the party. If the party is able to execute the action during the encounter, they gain a Favor Token.

On their turn, an player may spend a Favor Token to gain any of the following:

– Reroll a failed check or save
– Stabilize and restore to 1 HP
– Heal 1 hit die + CON damage

Day 25: Favorite Revolutionary Game Mechanic

As far as games go, there’s a lot of new mechanics I’ve come to learn, but the one I found to be pretty amusing was the addition of an official GMPC in the form of a Ryuujin in Ryuutama. It’s funky since the GM is rewarded for doing his thing, adding extra motivation his way!


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