[Let’s Study: Ryuutama Natural Fantasy RPG] Part 6: Town and World Creation Rules

Posted: August 18, 2015 by pointyman2000 in Let's Study, Roleplaying Games, Ryuutama
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If I may be so blunt, the essence of both these sections is: “Go make it up.”

I’m not kidding.

That’s not to say that there isn’t any structure in Town and World creation in Ryuutama, but it’s not beholden to any sort of mathematics. You’ll see what I mean.

Town Creation

Given the focus on Travel, Towns serve as places to travel to, and places to find respite from the hardships of the road. In Ryuutama, the GM and players have the option to cooperatively create a town.

The town creation system is hardly anything but a sheet that has a few fields to be filled in, by the GM and the Players. It’s a neat way to generate new towns that will satisfy everyone.

Town Creation is donen by filling out the following information:

Town Name
Ruler or Representative
Representative Building
Specialty Goods
Town’s Sights / Sounds / Smells
Town Threats

It’s a clean way to come up with ideas that will inform the next adventure. It’s simple, but again, fun to talk about with friends.

An interesting addition are suggestions of when to build towns and their relative pros and cons. I’ll probably go with the standard “Next town at the end of the session” structure though. It’s a neat way to serve as a preview of the next town.

World Creation

Much like Town Creation, World Creation can be done by the GM or cooperatively with the players. The information that needs to be put together are:

World Name
Shape of the World
World History
Representative Countries
World Threats
World Enigmas

It’s interesting and the different questions that come up from these help inform the setting and serve for a seed for metaplots for the campaign.

Both creation systems are pretty fun in their own right, and I think with an experienced group it’ll be easy to whip up new games time and again with this.  Absolutely no math here, just the result of a conversation over some snacks and tea.

After this, we’re going to head on over and look at the Book of Autumn section of Ryuutama, which discusses the role of the GM and the mysterious Ryuujin.

Ryuutama Natural Fantasy Role Play is available in DriveThruRPG for $14.00 or roughly Php 630.00

The Let’s Study series is made possible by Patreon. If you’d like to help me secure more titles to cover in detail, please consider becoming a patron!


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