#RPGaDay2015 Catch Up Post, Days 8 to 17

Posted: August 17, 2015 by pointyman2000 in #rpgaday2015, Roleplaying Games
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Looks like I’ve been remiss again so here’s the #RPGaDay2015 catch up post #2! Again, to those unfamiliar with the practice, it’s all about answering a series of questions relating to RPGS. The list of questions can be seen in the graphic found HERE

Day 8: Favourite Appearance of RPGs in the Media

Dexter’s Laboratory episode, “D&DD” where they were playing an equivalent of Dungeons & Dragons.

Day 9: Favourite Media you wish were an RPG

This is a difficult one. I’ve always been a fan of a lot of geek stuff, like comics and such that already have RPG equivalents. If I were to pick something that I’d love to play in tabletop format, I’d probably go for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, specifically the first three games. I’m somewhat aware that it exists in some format in Japan, but I can’t read Japanese. 😦

Day 10: Favourite RPG Publisher

Wow, this doesn’t get any easier. There’s a whole bunch of awesome publishers these days from Vigilance Press to Modiphius, and Cubicle 7, but I’m going to have to go with first loves here and go with Onyx Path. I blame my irrational love for Mage.

Day 11: Favourite RPG Writer

I can’t answer this. I’m sorry, but there’s a lot of awesome writing out there right now in so many RPGs that picking just one is going to ruin me. Sorry guys.

Day 12: Favourite RPG Illustration

My current favorite RPG illustration right now has to be the cover of Monte Cook’s Numenera. It’s a powerful image and a call to crazy adventures that fits the tone of the game perfectly.

Day 13: Favourite RPG Podcast

I’ve not been too familiar with podcasts but I’ve certainly enjoyed episodes of 2 GMs 1 Mic.

Day 14: Favourite RPG Accessory

I’ve always been a fan of the standard DM screen. I’m especially happy with the hardcover types, as opposed to the flimsy cardboard ones we used to have.

Day 15: Longest Campaign Played

The longest campaign I’ve played is probably the “Never a Dull Blade” Legend of the Five Rings campaign I ran not long ago.

Day 16: Longest Session Played

I’m too old for all-nighters these days, but the longest I’ve played is probably a Call of Cthulhu session for Masks of Nyarlathotep that lasted until around 2am.

Day 17: Favourite Fantasy RPG

Really? I have to answer this after I’ve gone over Fantasy AGE and I’m in the middle of Ryuutama? Fantasy is a huge genre though so I’ll cheat a bit here.

  • For Hardcore / heavy crunch, my heart belongs to Fantasy Craft
  • For Medium crunch, I’ll favor Fantasy AGE
  • For light / alternative, Ryuutama‘s winning my favor.
  • For Asian fantasy, Legend of the Five Rings, 4th Edition is still where it’s at for me.

I’m still in the middle of evaluating D&D 5e, so I haven’t ranked it yet.

Looks like there’s still more than half the month to go, and I’ve got a lot more to think about.


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