[Let’s Study: Ryuutama Natural Fantasy RPG] Part 2: Character Creation

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So, on to character creation!

Ryuutama’s character creation is fairly straightforward, with a little bit of math but certainly a lot of fun. So, without further ado, let’s get to putting together our first Traveler.

Choose a Class

The first step in character creation is to choose a class. Each class is representative of a whole bunch of jobs and standings in a community. Just because the Class says Ministrel doesn’t mean you can’t be a different sort  of entertainer instead.

For the sake of this example, I’m going for Minstrel as my class.

Choose a Type

Travelers in Ryuutama are sorted into three Types. These are: Attack Type, Technical Type and Magic Type. These Types determine what kind of dangers your Traveler is adept at dealing with.

I’m going for Magic Type, I want a Minstrel who knows a thing or two about magic.

Determine Starting Ability Scores

Travelers in Ryuutama have four different Ability Scores: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Spirit. Determining Ability Scores is done by picking from one of three starting sets of numbers and distributing those across the 4 Abilities.

I’m going for the Standard Set of 4, 6, 6, 8 and assigning them as so:


Calculate Derived Stats

Hit Points = [STR] x 2 or 8
Mental Points = [SPI] x 2 or 12
Carrying Capacity = [STR] + 3 or 7

Choose your Mastered Weapon

Each character starts off skilled in the use of a particular weapon of choice. This Mastered Weapon pick comes from one of the five Weapon Categories: Light Blade, Blade, Polearm, Axe and Bow.

As a Minstrel Blade feels like a decent choice. This also means that my character also starts with a Blade of choice.

Determine Personal Item

This is a signature item with personal sentimental value to the owner. I’ll go with a special hat then, given to him by his mentor.

Shop for Items

Characters start with a thousand gold(!) to go shopping with. I think I’ll come back to this later, or utilize what the game calls the Picnic Rules.

Character Details

The last phase is customizing the character with a name, age/gender, image color/outward appearance, Hometown and reason for Journeying and personality notes

Right, with that, I’ll go for Gen, a 16 year old male minstrel with a penchant for green clothing. He left his hometown afer being challenged by a minstrel he admired to “find himself” and was gifted the hat in the process.

Class Abilities

The next section talks about the classes of the game. Each class has 3 different skills. As a Minstrel, Gen has the following:

Well-Traveled: +1 to Journey Checks (Travel/Direction/Camping Checks; Always in effect)
Knowledge of Tradition: Get more info about the things you see and hear. Usable anytime you come across something interesting. [INT + INT] roll vs TN determined by GM.
Music: Give all party members a +1 bonus to their next roll. Critical +3 bonus. Fumble: Any PCs with Condition of 6 or less gain the [Muddled: 6] status effect. Usable when in a suitable area. Costs 1HP. [Dex + SPI] Roll vs TN determined by the Topography.

Type Bonuses

In addition to the skills from his Class, Gen also benefits further from his Types. I chose Magic as his type, which bestows the ability to cast Magic to Gen. He starts off with a grimoire and has two starting Incantation Spells in it.

He also gains the following:

Will: Max MP +4
Seasonal Sorcerer: Acquire Seasonal Magic

Acquiring Seasonal Magic means that Gen gets to pick 1 season and gets access to all the spells in that season.

After taking a look at the magic list I’ll pick these 2 Incantation Spells:

Cure Touch – Roll [INT] and heals a target’s HP for that amount
Arrow Compass – Grants +1 on Direction Checks

For his Seasonal Magic, I’m giving Gen access to Summer Magic, whose low level spells are:

Briar Nonno – Briars risefrom the ground entangling all in the area. Everyone in the target area receives a -2 penalty to initiative, starting the next round.
Vacation Vitality – Target’s health and cheer rise as if they had just returned from a long, refreshing vacation. Target receives a +2 bonus to Condition.
Min-Min Cicada Chorus – The loud cries of cicadas (which make a sound like “MIN MIN MIN MIN MIN”) fill the area, disrupting concentration. For the duration of the spell, anyone who attempts to cast a spell must first beat the caster in a contested [SPI + SPI] check. If the person attempting to cast a new spell loses, their spell automatically fails. Because the sound is loudest near the caster, the caster may not cast any other spells while this spell is active. Plugging one’s ears does not stop the effect.
Koro-pok-kuru Cute Leaf (Ritual) – Huge leaves appear that can be used as umbrellas for up to 7 people. The leaves may be used for a +1 bonus to rolls involving “rainy” weather. The leaves cannot be used in conjunction with actual umbrellas.

Character creation is fairly straightforward and I have to admit that it’s somewhat refreshing to see that my character isn’t really some sort of stone-cold killer as much as a magic minstrel with some capacity with a blade. His travels are motivated by his own desires as opposed to the words of a mysterious stranger somewhere.

Building the character didn’t take a lot of time at all, and I had a good chuckle at the spells. The utility of the spells shows just how much focus the game has on travel as the primary source of drama and conflict and I’m curious to see how the items work… which is why that’s the next part of our Let’s Study series, a look at the Item and Shopping rules for Ryuutama. See you then!

Ryuutama Natural Fantasy Role Play is available in DriveThruRPG for $14.00 or roughly Php 630.00

The Let’s Study series is made possible by Patreon. If you’d like to help me secure more titles to cover in detail, please consider becoming a patron!

  1. Jesper says:

    This game looks very interesting. The theme reminds me of an anime called Kino’s Journey, which really sets the mood of travelling for its own sake and getting to know yourself better in the process. Though I imagine it wouldn’t be easy to find a group to play it.

  2. Jesper says:

    This game looks really interesting. The theme reminds me of an anime called Kino’s Journey,w hich is amazing. Though I imagine it wouldn’t be easy to find a group to play this game.

    • I should check out Kino’s Journey then, might make for good inspiration! I figure I’ll be best able to pitch this to those used to JRPGs like Harvest Moon or something.

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