[Let’s Study] Fantaji Universal Role-Playing Game, Part 5: How to Run a Scene

Posted: July 28, 2015 by pointyman2000 in Fantaji, Let's Study, Roleplaying Games
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At this point, the Fantaji book goes on to talking about how to run a scene. This is perhaps one of the most GM-focused chapters, but is important given how Fantaji’s mechanics are fairly different from most others.

Thankfully, Fantaji’s mechanics are flexible in that they can handle all sorts of conflict, from social to physical. I found this particular chapter interesting as it shows different ways of implementing them in play.

I do like the fact that the authors acknowledge that different groups have different approaches, and the chapter acknowledges these and offers examples and suggestions for each. These include “Smooth Play” mods that are generally organic scenes, a method utilizing random draws for truly random encounters, and a board game style of play that creates a trail of various face down tiles.

Aside from these, Obstacles, Themes and Conditions are also given some attention, with examples of each kind of obstacle given attention. There’s a lot of them to consider, and I’m glad that each example can be used as a springboard for new GMs. Majority of the chapter is composed of detailed examples, and I would encourage careful and thorough study of this chapter to really get a grasp of the game.


At this point it’s become clear that Fantaji is a system born of a lot of thought. The translation of literary concepts to play elements makes it a unique entry in RPGs, mechanics-wise.

However, the versatility comes at a price. It demands that you unlearn a lot of how RPGs function, and can leave readers feeling a little lost. I’m curious as to how this will work out in the long run, but I feel that I could stand to watch a session or two before I feel confident enough to run this.

Speaking of running games, our next article will cover Running a Campaign and Game Creation.

The Fantaji Universal Role-Playing Game is available from DriveThruRPG in PDF format for $15.00 or roughly Php 675.00


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