[Game Design] Sometimes The Pain Is In The Waiting… and the Funding

I am occasionally an impatient person.

With three mini projects in my plate right now (Heroes of the Falling Star, Son of BADASS! and Fight Class) I find myself at the point where I have to take some time to wait for material from the people I’ve contracted to work on art and layout. Don’t get me wrong, these are some of the best people I can afford, and I have absolute faith that they’ll deliver.

My issue here is the fact that I’m now looking for something else to do. At this point I might revisit Fight Class’ draft and go over it again to make sure that it works. Among all three of them, Fight Class is the most mechanically involved, with a powers creation system baked into it, so it’s the one that seems to be taking the most time.

That said I’ve received a few very fun updates, with the biggest joy being that I’ve seen the initial roughs for the cover of Son of BADASS, and I’m really excited to share it with you as soon as I can.

On Funding

At this point, I’m starting to feel the strain of funding my games. While I have enough to purchase a few key pieces (like a good cover, for instance) getting someone to lay out the books for me is another hurdle.

I would love to put these three games up as a single crowdfunding campaign, but I’m worried that might be putting all my eggs in one basket.  AT the way things are shaping up, I’m seeing a release of either Son of BADASS! or Heroes of the Falling Star first before I finish up with Fight Class, as that’s the game that needs the most attention at this point.

3 thoughts on “[Game Design] Sometimes The Pain Is In The Waiting… and the Funding

  1. I see a few possible funding models: self-funding, crowdfunding, or working through an existing publisher. Each model has its own sets of risks, rewards, pros, and cons. I recently began exploring the various options for my own projects.

    After crunching budgets, I am now considering a hybrid model for myself: I am collaborating with existing publishers on smaller projects to build up some capital for later use on a bigger self-funded project. I’m a rather risk-adverse person, and this helps me contain my gaming-related incomes and expenditure, though it does significantly drag out my self-funded projects (provided I don’t blow the money on the next Drivethru or Steam sale). As an added bonus, the small projects do render a recurring sense of accomplishment as I complete them.

    What sort of crowdfunding platform were you considering? If I recall, not all of them are available outside a select few countries.

    1. Hi Jerall,

      I’m considering Indiegogo right now since Kickstarter isn’t open for the Philippines. My options are limited at this point and self-funding costs are too high for me to shoulder alone.

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