Is it finally time for me to do Cyberpunk Games?

Posted: April 21, 2015 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games
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After what feels like an eternity of delaying myself I caved and bought the Shadowrun 5th Edition Beginner Box. It represents the latest in a long line of Cyperpunk / Sci-Fi RPGs that I’ve had that I have never run.

I have an interesting relationship with Sci-Fi RPGs in the sense that I love reading them, but I’ve never mustered the courage to actually run them. Maybe it’s all the expectations I feel that that the games should be run a certain way, or that my own limited knowledge will make the sessions feel forced, but I’ve always found a way to delay running them.

That said, my current situation in life means that regular gaming is less of a thing (the current L5R campaign being a small miracle) but an opportunity has presented itself to trying out all of these games in the form of one shots.

Right now, I’ve got:

  • Shadowrun 5th Edition
  • CthulhuTech
  • Eclipse Phase
  • Kuro
  • Blue Planet

Each one has a great setting with some truly inspiring ideas so I’m feeling the urge to finally give in and run one of these as a one-shot at least. Who knows, I might actually like the experience enough to make it a full-blown campaign.

  1. Well, I am a fan of Shadowrun (more for the setting than the system) but Eclipse Phase looks darn cool, though I would place it more posthuman than cyberpunk.

    • Good point! EP does seem a more Transhuman with a much bigger scope than the standard Cyberpunk setting. I’m curious about running it but the Character Creation feels more than a little complex. Will give it a shot sometime.

  2. vishalicious says:

    I haven’t played Shadowrun in years, but it was a fun game. I’ve wanted to run CthulhuTech, because I love the premise, but by that point, had stopped gaming. Go for it though. Eclipse Phase also looks awesome. I’ve read about it a few times.

    • CthulhuTech sold me with their Guyver-like suits of monster armor. The system gave me a migraine. Will probably do what I can to see how I can make it playable with the least amount of system overhaul though, I no longer have the time to do major retooling of mechanics.

  3. loquaciousaych says:

    ShadowRun can be wonderful if you are looking for something short. It really doesn’t lend well to long term campaigns It USED to be very forgiving, but I don’t know if that’s true anymore.

    • Oh wow, really? I’ll give it a spin one time and see how it turns out for my group. I’ve heard that a run can (and often will) go South very quickly.

      • Dai says:

        It depends a bit on how you play it. Our current campaign, The Rat’s Nest, has been running for almost three years of weekly playing now. But we’re playing a very low-level, sandbox game that’s not the typical: meet Johnson, plan run, do run, get rich/die-Shadowrun game. The setting is pretty amazing for a sandbox campaign, though, it doesn’t take much work to make the world come really alive. Just make sure the characters are grounded in it and not just visiting with no ties to anyone and anywhere.

        • Nice! I’ll give your campaign page a look over for ideas. I’m considering running a game set here in the Philippines for kicks, but since I’m a complete noob in all of this I don’t have a canon to work with yet.

  4. th3muser says:

    Will be interested in reading your Shadowrun adventures! I ran a Shadowrun game using the Nova Praxis FATE system, and will be looking into making my own hack for the game using FATE. I really like the world as well.

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