All The Little Things, my talk for the local GMing Seminar

Posted: February 2, 2015 by pointyman2000 in Local Scene, Roleplaying Games
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Hi guys,

I was invited to talk for a local GMing Seminar held in one of the local gaming stores last month. It was a few days after my wife and baby were discharged from the hospital so I was in a much, much better mood to deliver a talk. However it also meant that my preparations were not exactly well rehearsed.

If you’re interested in hearing me talk about a bunch of different small tips on how to run RPGs, you can check out the video below. Please note that it was shot using a cellphone, so there’s a bit of humming in the background from the A/C. I did the talk mostly in English, but I did lapse into Tagalog for a sentence or two so hopefully that (and my accent) won’t throw you off to much. Enjoy!

If you’d like to check out my poor excuse for a presentation, you can get the file here:

I had a lot of fun running this seminar, and I’m certainly up to doing it again if they’ll take me for another round.


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